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know A LOT about Michael and I…. probably more than you care to! I share alot on this blog and that’s because this is a business blog AND a way to document our lives since I have no time to pursue a hobby in scrapbooking! Ps. Little sidenote, I legimitately thought I was going to be a professional scrapbooker in high school. I even read books about it! No joke… Yikes! Nerd alert!!!  So since you already know more than you need to about Michael and I… I thought it was appropriate to blog “10 Ten Things you may not know about Bokeh”.  If you’re new to the blog, Bokeh is our 9 month old Bichpoo puppy and we’re a little obsessed with him….

just a little. So here are some random facts about our furbaby! :



1. Bokeh was born on 11.11.11…. how perfect. We were married on 10.10.10 and so someone said we should have a baby on 12.12.12…. welp! That’s definitely not happening! 


2. Bokeh sleeps with us. I know, it’s a bad habit. I take NO responsibility for this. Michael let him sleep in the bed ONE NIGHT while I was out of town and he’s been at the foot of our bed ever since!!


3. Bokeh is a big time snuggler but he’s very picky about WHEN he wants to snuggle. For example, he woke me up at 2:30am this morning trying to lay up against me with his head on my arm.! It’s cute… but not at 2:30am!


4. He’s a week away from having “his surgery”… ya know, the big boy surgery. We’re not looking forward to that. 


 5. Bokeh has more toys than probably most toddlers. Every time he hangs out with his grandparents, he comes home with a new goody…. or two!


6. Bokeh is taller than we expected him to be. He got his legs from his daddy (the poodle) and so while I wish he was tiny… I’m thankful for his long legs because that means I can take him on 20 minute runs in the morning and wear him out!! Short little dogs don’t run very well:)


7. Bokeh, apparently, is a worship leader at heart. Michael stopped by worship team practice last week and brought Bokeh in for a minute. When the girls hit the chorus of the song, all of sudden we heard HOWLING…. yes, full fledged HOWLING! We looked down and Bokeh has his head up in the air, trying his best to sing along! We died laughing and immediately removed him from the sanctuary. 


8. Bokeh has a seatbelt. I know, laugh all you want… this does seem a bit ridiculous but let me explain why it’s AWESOME! Bokeh LOVES riding with his body half out the window of the car. The dangerous part about this is that Bokeh doesn’t understand boundaries. Several times we thought he was about to take flight!  So his little seat belt connects him to the real seatbelt but gives him just enough room to put his head out of the window and it keeps him from getting in our way!


9. Bokeh is a Jersey Boy! We bought him from a breeder in NJ this past winter and we couldn’t be happier. She said Bichpoos are loving and sweet and non-shedding and every one of those characteristics is true! We adore him.


10.  Sadly, Bokeh has only mastered ONE of his training tricks… and that’s the “sit” command. Yea, he’s not an allstar but we’re still working on it!!! However, he HAS mastered the art of being photogenic. We know just the right things to say to get that cute “head tilt” and I love it!!!



**Ps. Bokeh is in desperate need of another haircut….I promise there are eyeballs under all of that hair!! Also here’s a link to his harness AND seatbelt thingy**



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  1. rachel reply

    that bokeh boy is so adorable more and more everyday! our dexter boy sleeps with us to and is scheduled for his big boy surgery monday :( but he is with grandma and grandpa getting spoiled :) anyway what type of seatbelt do you use, we have to get one for dexter, him and the mustang’s windows don’t go together trying to take “flight” ;) Happy Friday!

  2. Stephen reply

    He looks like the cutest dog ever. is he a golden doodle or labradoodle?

  3. Kristina W. reply

    He’s so cute! I love this post!

  4. Cassady reply

    As always Bokeh is adorable! Every time I see you post a picture of him I show Ben and say we so need one! He hasn’t agreed yet…but I’m working on him!

  5. Sarah Syhakhoun Photography reply

    I love getting my daily doses of Bokeh through instagram, but I love reading about him on the blog, too! He’s such a sweetie! My hubby man and I want a dog really badly, but we are renting so the deposit and pet rent alone could afford us a bulldog one day if we saved it instead. I like that idea!

  6. Kathryn Grace reply

    Well, a seat belt isn’t so bad – my sister’s cocka-poo has a car seat! :-)

  7. Sheaulee reply

    #7 made me LOL…how cute! Please get that on video next time :)

  8. Emily reply

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Bokeh is almost an exact replica {personality wise} of my dog Oliver! Thank you SO much for posting the link to the seat belt thing… I’ve been looking for something like that for forever!!

  9. Stephanie Stewart reply

    Bokeh!!! So cute! Love his head tilt! And thank you for including the link to the seat belt thing – we need this for our Lucy! She loves riding in the car and climbing all around!

  10. KTB Reynolds reply

    One more reason that I know Buoy and Bokeh are doggie soul mates. They have the same birthday! Buoy was born 11/11/10!

  11. Jennifer reply

    You could get PREGNANT on 12/12/12 ;-)

  12. Gabrielle Corbin reply

    Oh Bokeh. :) Because of you guys, my husband and I are the new proud parents of a cream Bichpoo named Milo. Question – has Bokeh settled down at all? Our baby is almost 5 months and is still crazy hyper a good junk of the time. For instance, he JUST pounced on my face haha. Hoping he will become a little more calm in the coming months.

  13. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Hahaha #7 made me laugh a lot!

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