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BIG NEWS! Surprise!! HERE IT IS!!!

I had this crazy idea a week and a half ago to totally redesign and customize my website.  I thought to myself “Do I have time for this in the height of wedding season?!” No! of course not! But it was so worth it and Showit sites made it possible! I have a FULLY customized website that is EXACTLY what I have always envisioned my “perfect” site to look like! It’s an incredible program run by some awesome people that are so easy to work with.

2nd Place | I Heart Faces Contest

Guest Judge Jasmine Star

2nd Place for “I Heart Faces” Contest!

As I blogged earlier this week, I entered a little contest for and I’m here to announce that I won 2nd place! SO EXCITING!!! Winners don’t receive a prize, just simply a “good job” from another photographer and in this case, it just happened to be J*!!  If you don’t know what “J*” stands for by now than you need to get with it! haha Just kidding…but seriously….she’s my favorite and if you’re a faithful blog stalker you would know that! Seriously, If I had to have one person say job well done and give their stamp of approval, she would be my first choice!


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