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Refresher and Feedback
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What do you think?!

A LOT has happened within the last two months for the business. It’s been a whilrwind! I am so thrilled to be officially re-branded! The updated website has been launched and the new blog made its’ big debut a few weeks ago! Not only did I introduce a new blog, I introduced the DesignBook! Now you can have your VERY OWN space on the blog to collect and categorize your favorites! This was such a huge project and risk for me. No other photographer has done this before and so I was excited/nervous to see how people would react!

Mike + Amanda

OBX Wedding Photographer
mike and amanda 1

The skies were dark

and we were nervous. Very nervous! In just one hour, Mike and Amanda would promise to love each other forever on the beautiful beaches of Nags Head but the black and green clouds were looming in the distance. There was a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 20 minutes before the ceremony time and we were nervous. Very nervous. The bridesmaids and I closed the blinds so Amanda couldn’t see the darkness rolling in as she got her hair done. We joked and laughed, trying to cover up the sounds of the thunder.  Then the rains came. Torrential rain.  Mike wasn’t allowed to see Amanda but he kept sending messages up from downstairs, reminding her that they were getting married and beginning their…

mike and amanda 2

Allen + Ashley

OBX Wedding Photographer
ash and allen2

There’s nothing

..more exciting than getting an email from someone that wants to get back into their wedding attire and take some awesome pictures! What made this email even better was that it was from Ashley! Ashley attended my Workshop back in the fall! (That seems like SO SO long ago! wow!) and we have kept in touch ever since. Ashley and Allen were married almost one year ago and so this was kind of like an anniversary session! How fun! It just so happened that I was going to be in OBX shooting a wedding at the same time that they were on vacation! It was perfect! Not only was scheduling perfect, the weather was AMAZING! It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too terribly windy and we had awesome evening light! Allen and Ash were such great…

ash and allen 1

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Hairpieces
wedding wednesday hairpieces


I love them! When I was little, I used to wear headbands and hair clips with HUGE cloth flowers on the side of them. In fact, there are several pictures lining our stairs of me and my sister wearing these large headbands.  We used to have “Sister” portraits done. Ya know,… matching dresses, matching shoes and matching HEADBANDS! The works! I used to think those hairpieces were so funny looking  but now that they are coming back in style…I’m starting to have a better opinion about them, especially when it comes to bridal hairpieces!


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