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Ashley | Senior

Fredericksburg Portrait Photographer
ashley fredericksburg portrait photographer-9568

Meet Ashley!

…… and STORM! When Ashley told me she wanted to take her senior portraits with Storm, I was thrilled! Of course I wouldn’t oppose to having props… even huge props! Storm was quite the gentleman and behaved extremely well for us as we shot Ashley’s portraits.  We lucked out and had beautiful weather, no humidity and amazing light! It was perfect.  I love senior sessions because I not only get to shoot some awesome portrait shots, I get to really know the girls and hear about their plans after senior year. I remember my senior year. I had the WORST case of senioritus. The WORST. I got into college TWO WEEKS into my senior year! While this was awesome, it was miserable too! I wanted to be in college with Michael so so bad. My mom told me that it would be here soon enough and not to wish my life away.


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