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Wedding Wednesday

Buying in Bulk

Buying in Bulk

Can’t I be honest?  Today is a boring day.  I feel like my creativity has disappeared AND it’s been raining ALL day long. It’s just a dreary day! However, sometimes dreary days are necessary. Not everyday can be cute and fun and creative. There are boring things that just have to be done…like filing paperwork, updating client accounts, entering payments and returning emails.  There is always a boring side to every job and today, I’m feeling my boring side.  It is on days like today that I realize that I wouldn’t survive at a desk job.  I would shrivel up and die, I’m convinced. When I’m not involved in something that is creative I get tired, bored and cranky.

I'm Excited!

10.10.10 is coming fast!
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I’m Excited!

Soooooo excited! 10.10.10 is almost here and even though I am still overwhelmed with all that needs to be done, I’m excited.  This past weekend I was a bridesmaid in another one of my college roommate’s wedding.  Emily Rice is now Emily Baxter and she made the most beautiful bride!!! The strangest part of their wedding day was hearing people tell me… “It’s your turn next!!”… AH! Wow. I’m next! I’m the next one to be married and that’s CRAZY!!! Having a long engagement sometimes makes the wedding seem like a far off fairy tell that never seems to get any closer. Well, it’s closer!!! It’s less than two months away!

Erik + Holly

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She calls him…

“Boy” and he calls her “girl”. You have to hear it to understand how cute it is. It fits them. Erik and Holly are such a great example of what it looks like to have a strong friendship as the foundation of a relationship.  When I met with Holly a few weeks ago to discuss wedding details and hear about the big day, I loved hearing all the ideas that Erik came up with! I was so impressed! He was very much involved in planning and I think that is AWESOME! … and what makes it even better is that his ideas are awesome too! The details of Holly and Erik’s wedding day were amazing! They put so much love and thought into everything that they did and it was perfect. Holly is super creative and it showed in every part of their day!

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Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Color Ideas | Teal and PINK!
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Really?! There has probably NEVER been so much PINK on the blog at one time! I’ve just never been a real “Pink” person. Well, except for high school. I went through the “Pink and orange” phase before I became obsessed with TEAL! So the wedding last weekend mixed red and teal and I loved it! I just always default to doing Teal and green. I’m stuck in a rut. So today I thought I would introduce a fresh new color palette to Wedding Wednesday! Hot pink and teal! Whew! It’s bright! I would never have this at my wedding because it doesn’t look like me but if you are someone who loves pinks and reds, I HIGHLY recommend…


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