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a bride and groom shower

It’s starting…

… to feel more and more real! 10.10.10 has seemed so long away this whole year… until this summer. With less than two months to go, we are scrambling. We’re trying to get home improvement projects done…. now on TWO houses and we’re still planning details and working with vendors. It’s coming together! With every little step, it is feeling more and more real! Last night, some of our closest family friends got together and threw us a Bride and Groom shower. It was wonderful!!! Church friends that we have known our whole lives came together to celebrate and shower us with gifts! Talk about fun!!!

My Day Off

my day off

I’ve decided

….today is my self-declared “day off”.  You know, because I am my own boss and I lay down the law for this business! I’ve decided that today there will be no more editing, emails or albums.  Nothing. Today is a day to be excited and focused on the fact that I’m getting married! In like 60 some days!! AH!  It’s very easy to get wrapped up in everything I have to do and forget just how exciting this time is. By the time I normally finish a work day, I am rushing to get wedding stuff done and I find myself driving to ShortPump, again. I live 40+ minutes away from real civilization….. and real civilization means having a Walmart nearby! I have to drive 4o minutes to run errands

Chris + Katie | Part II

Hyatt Regency Hotel | Greenville South Carolina Wedding Photographer
greenville south carolina wedding venue hyatt red and black theme

During their

…First Look, she tapped his shoulder and he was speechless… she walked down the isle and he was in tears. Chris adores Katie.  Their friendship and love for each other was so apparent in every moment of their wedding day.  As they waited to be announced at the reception, they practiced their first dance and became increasingly more excited about being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. for the very first time! They danced and smiled and celebrated with family and friends all night.  Both their ceremony and reception were filled with incredible live music.  Worship leaders from Newspring Church performed a 30 minute concert before the ceremony.  I have never seen this done before but it was an amazing…

greenville south carolina wedding details location venue hyatt

Wedding Wednesday

Decorating Our 1st Home!
wedding wednesday teal kitchen inspiration

Saving Money….

….I’m trying to! I really am! Daddy, you may not believe this but I am trying to think of ways to decorate the new house without buying a TON of new stuff! Decorating is my weakness. After high school graduation I spent almost ALL of my graduation money on dorm room decor….and my freshman dorm looked SWEET!  It just cost a small fortune. Well, now that Michael and I are home owners, I want to decorate again…. but we don’t have a small fortune to spend. We have a mortgage to pay. So! I am trying my hardest to figure out how I can design and decorate using stuff I bought during college. Obviously this isn’t going to work for every single


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