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Chris + Shyla

Virginia Wedding Photographer | Historic Kinloch
chris and shyla virginia wedding photographer available for destination weddings

I’ve admitted

…previously that I get nervous before weddings sometimes. This was only my 2nd or 3rd wedding where I haven’t met the bride until the day of the wedding! AH! I was nervous! I knew Shyla was going to be a sweetheart from her emails but I normally like doing engagement sessions before the wedding day so that the couple can get used to the camera. Welp! Chris and Shyla worked it like pros and we had no problems what so ever! He makes her laugh, he likes doing his “serious” face and Shyla laughs at his “serious” face….. so this made for great portraits! I love Chris and Shyla and the fact that they hired me for their wedding day without ever meeting me was a compliment! They trusted me to capture their day


Wedding Wednesday

The Garter and All Things Peacock!
garter wedding unique creative diy

Once again…

I got a little “glue gun” happy with this project. I made my garter back in July and I love it! I love it because it’s different, it’s vintage-y and it has PEACOCK FEATHERS on it! I have been living and breathing “peacock” for a YEAR now!!!!  Actually, over a year! Luckily I haven’t got tired of the teal, feathery goodness. Every time I see something peacocky I think to myself “I’m sure we could use that somewhere for 10-10-10!”. I have a huge collection in our basement! I have thrift stores, online craft stores and YOU to thank! Seriously, some of you guys have share some of the CUTEST links on my wall! I love it! I’m going to be sad when 10-10-10 is …

New Things & Recipes

Help a Sista' Out!
learning new things

The closer

…we get to the wedding, the more I am realizing how much I have to learn.  There is a huge wave of “NEW” coming straight toward me and I’m trying to be ready for it. I will have a new name, a new home, a new role, a new bed, a new husband and a whole lot of new responsibilities….. like cooking.  Today, after a long day of errands and an afternoon filled full of homeowner responsibilites, Michael and I decided to go to dinner.  We love going new places, trying new things (well I do at least, Michael will stick to his bacon cheeseburger). While this seems fine…. it’s actually a really bad habit that we have.


I want to be her!

I want to

be her. I want to be Lucky… our 7 year old Springer Spaniel.  Her day consists of eating, drinking, sleeping and laying in the sun. What a life! While I’m running around the house returning phone calls, finishing albums and working on emails, she is laying downstairs in a puddle of sunlight.  That is the only thing she has to do!! Can you imagine what that would be like?! One day,….. one day I’ll wake up with NO to-do list! …. and that day is coming! During all of  this wedding planning, I forget I’m going on a honeymoon!! ah! VACATION! YaY!  Our honeymoon destination is a surprise! But get excited because I will have a TON of photos to share!!!!


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