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I love color!!! And I’ve realized this so much this year. I really didn’t think much about it until I started reading comments about how people enjoyed the colors in my images. After a while I realized that my color really does define a lot of my “style”. I like it BRIGHT!! And BOLD!  I don’t have a vintage-muted-faded- look. However, I do LOVE the coloring of film and there are times that I grow jealous of those photographers that can achieve those soft, muted tones. I grow so jealous sometimes that I find myself playing with presets to see if I can mirror their look…. but then I walk away from the computer and

come back later and when I see those edited images and think “Ew! That’s SO not me”. I think it’s only natural to want what others have. I look at others photographer’s work ALL the time and wish that I had a portfolio like theirs. It’s a bad habit and after talking with some other photographers, I know I’m not alone on this. We all do it. This year I’ve come to realize that I really do have a STYLE of my own… and I need to OWN IT!!!!! I like BRIGHT! And yes, the whole “vintage, film, muted colors” look is beautiful and Jose Villa makes me drool…. but that’s not me. I can still aspire to continue growing in my own style… but I never want to find myself wanting to be JOSE, or Justin & Mary, or Jasmine, or Jodi and Kurt, or Jessie Smith, or Elizabeth Messina, or Sarah Rhoads etc. etc…..Don’t get me wrong, these are all GREAT photographers and I adore their work….but I’m KATELYN JAMES! And I’m proud of it! My images are BRIGHT and BOLD and they are going to stay that way. So here’s to a beautiful year of BOLD, COLORFUL wedding images that have made my portfolio BRIGHT!


I have selected some of my most colorful images of 2011 to post as my “2011 Wedding Recap”. It’s impossible for me to pick my “wedding favorites” so I had to narrow it down a bit.  Here are my favorite images with beautiful tones and colors from my 2011 weddings! Enjoy!!! And guess what tomorrow is?!….. I’ll just keep you hanging:)

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  1. Jodi: ( )

    girl! i love this post and the fact that you stay true to your bright and bold aesthetic! one of my favorite locations you’ve shot in is still that gold and blue textured wall…love that couple too! :)

  2. Junior: ( )

    i love all the piCs… i wanna be married… congratulations!!!

  3. Junior: ( )

    everything looks different with loveee <3 congrattss..

  4. Deborah Zoe: ( )

    LOVE IT GIRL!!! stay true to your bad self :) Love it and love you! So proud of you! And super excited Dave and I made it onto your 2011 recap. wahoooo!

  5. graham: ( )

    YAY!!!! We made the cut! Awesome stuff Katelyn! Happy New Year!

  6. Abbey: ( )

    Katelyn, I can’t believe how much you’ve evolved over the 2 years that I’ve been following your work. I love, love your work and keeping doing your thing girl!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!

  7. SIdney Morgan: ( )

    I love your style so much!

  8. Sara: ( )

    I LOVE YOUR LOVE OF COLOR. I mean, seriously. It’s so FUN and yet romantic and classy at the same time!!! I can’t wait!! :)

  9. Erin Oveis Brant: ( )

    Yes!!! Own it, girl!

  10. Abby Grace: ( )

    Oooh Katelyn. These all make me swoon so much. That image of Buddy and Jill sitting on the hay? I almost want that on a canvas in m y living room. These are all so beautiful!! I always ALWAYS love the color your images possess- it’s often how I know it’s yours!

  11. Carolyn Woods: ( )

    Katelyn!! I am so glad you posted this blog. I have been meaning to write to you about your use of color and how you obtain such bright images. Do you do most of your coloring in post, or do you focus primarily on filters, white balance, lighting, etc? Just curious because like evreyone else.. I LOVE your bright colors :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  12. stephanie g: ( )

    YES for BRIGHT and BOLD colors – EXACTLY why i LOVE my wedding pictures :):)

  13. Sarah: ( )

    And your beautiful colors are exactly why I love your photos soooo much and I can’t wait to get married just so you can be my wedding photographer. :)

  14. Nancy Mitchell: ( )

    Yes! You are KATELYN! Girl….your work is incredible! Stick with it and may you be blessed in 2012!

  15. Carolyn Rauh: ( )

    Your work is an inspiration! I aspire to one day be as talented and gifted as you. Your style of color and light is one a kind. Glorious…

  16. Shauna Ploeger: ( )

    Love the color in your images. So vibrant and beautiful!

  17. Cati: ( )

    Your BRIGHT and BOLD colors are what make your blog and YOUR pictures my favorite thing to look at every day. Don’t change your style…. :)

  18. Anna Burke: ( )

    LOVE these images! They do make you, YOU! I know what tomorrow is :) And I hope it’s a FABULOUS day of celebrating YOU!! Love you, KK!

  19. Anna Burke: ( )

    LOVE these images! They do make you, YOU! I know what tomorrow is :) And I hope it’s a FABULOUS day of celebrating YOU!! Love you, KK!

  20. Anna Burke: ( )

    LOVE these images! They do make you, YOU! I know what tomorrow is :) And I hope it’s a FABULOUS day of celebrating YOU!! Love you, KK!

  21. Anna Burke: ( )

    LOVE these images! They do make you, YOU! I know what tomorrow is :) And I hope it’s a FABULOUS day of celebrating YOU!! Love you, KK!

  22. Lindy Brigham: ( )

    Ah! I seriously lovee it! Beautiful, beautiful work!

  23. Laura: ( )

    Katelyn, I loved this blog post so much. Thank you for sharing! And I love how committed you are to carving out your own style instead of following the current trends — thanks for that inspiration, too!

  24. Gail: ( )

    I’m SO glad you wrote this post, Katelyn! Because it’s SO true. We all can get caught up on trying to “be” like everyone else with our work (and it doesn’t help when we read about, say, new actions everybody is loving…actions that mimic the styles of those selling them…styles that are great but take us away from OUR look) so I really admire you standing firm in YOUR style and being you who are!! :)

  25. Bec: ( )

    absolutley beautiful. I wish you the best for 2012, I can’t wait to see how you grow this year. love them all.

  26. Mary Marantz: ( )

    there are no words for how much I love this post! Keep doing YOU!! xoxo M:)

  27. Matt Renaud: ( )

    Wow, I love love this post. You’re such a great photographer and your blog is always such an encouragement and inspiration. Keep doing what you do. :)

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