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Good Things

Personalized Stampers
personalized stamper

A personalized stamper

is really unnecessary… I realize this. Michael and I are trying to cut back on the unnecessary purchases, not eating out as much, etc. etc. So when this personalized stamper came in the mail a few days ago, I really felt the need to exclaim that “This will save us money in the long run! It will! And look how awesome it is!”. I immediately began stamping every envelope that had come in the mail that day (wasting our precious ink). He agreed that is was pretty sweet (and I don’t normally use the word “sweet” so you know it’s really cool:).  I love it and it makes me want to crank out some thank you cards!


The Design File Blog
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Here’s a little

sunday post for ya! If you’re like me, Sundays are LAZY.  I’m tempted to go downstairs and fall asleep watching HGTV… instead I’m drinking Mountain Dew and cranking out emails that never seem to END. Ugh. So if I wasn’t a photographer, I think I would LOVE decorating for a living… but not for other people, just for myself. I worry too much about making other people happy and I’m super picky about colors, etc. etc. I don’t think I would make a very good interior decorator…However! If there was a way for me to get PAID to design my own house over and over again…. I would be in heaven!

New Look for the New Year!

The Updated Website
kately james new photography website

Starting Fresh.

I’m really loving that I’m not super busy right now. I mean, I wake up and have a full list of things to accomplish each day but I’m not overwhelmed and constantly feeling behind! I have felt “behind” since I started my business back in 2008. I was in college, I was living on 4-5 hours of sleep and I was trying to live two different lifestyles. At night, or should I say morning (2-5am), I was a business woman. From 9am-2am I was a normal college student. If I wasn’t falling behind in school work, I was falling behind with the business. My life was insanely busy and I didn’t even explain all of my other responsibilities during my time at CNU!

Chris | Head shots

Cary Street | Richmond Photographer
christopher richmond photographer headshots

He has been

making movies since he was little.  I remember getting together with Michael’s family for Thanksgiving and hearing about Christopher’s next movie and thinking “What?! This kid is making movies?!”.  Chris is Michael’s cousin and is currently attending USC.  He’s super talented not only in film making but he is also an incredible painter as well! When he asked about getting some head shots done I knew this was going to be easy. He’s got “the look”… “the look” that I will never be able to master… the “serious face”.  So in about 30 mins we shoot about 650 images and we probably could have used just about all of them!


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