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Ajith + Catherine

Washington DC Wedding Photographer
washington dc wedding photographer purple decor details

I think I want to make this

a new tradition…. to second shoot a wedding at the beginning of each year! (Jessie, are you up for that?!).  It was so much fun! …. like really. Second shooting is how I started and I remember 3 years ago, I was following Jessie around, hoping not to screw up at my first wedding! Because this wasn’t my wedding, I wasn’t in charge and because I wasn’t in charge… I got to be extra creative and I LOVED IT! I tried some new things with light, details, poses and for the most part I liked the way everything turned out (some of my ideas are always a little weird….ask Jess, she’d agree!)  So I can’t thank Jessie enough for putting up with me! I love shooting with


Graham + Erin | Engaged

Veritas Vineyard Wedding Photographer
veritas vineyard wedding photographer

I couldn’t

believe there was still snow on the ground last week for Erin and Graham’s engagement session! I loved it. My e-sessions this winter have had such a fun winter-y look to them because of ALL the snow! Graham and Erin are actually from Charleston, SC and needed some engagements done while they were up near Erin’s hometown in Nelson County, VA. I’m sure the patches of ice and snow were not what they were used to. Can you imagine living in Charleston!? That place is so gorgeous and the weather is wonderful! If I ever get asked to shoot a wedding down there I think I might just do it for free because I would be on cloud 9

Our House | Before & After's

The Bedroom
bedroom before and after home decorating

There is no

WEDDING WEDNESDAY today! ….. GASP!!!! Isn’t that crazy?! I don’t think I’ve skipped a Wedding Wednesday since I started them! …. Maybe once or twice…. but this hardly EVER happens! I always have a wedding-ish something to share! Welp, this week I just couldn’t stand it anymore…. I HAD to show you what we’ve been working on since the wedding!  OUR HOUSE! Now I can’t give it all away in one post… we’ll do this room by room and for some of you… this is extremely boring and I understand that. HOWEVER…. some of you may recall that this blog is also my “digital scrapbook” of life! I don’t have time to scrapbook hundreds and hundreds of

Photographers Unite

January Meetup
photographers unite jan meetup


This is just a reminder/announcement for ALL VA MD DC Photogs that are a part of Photographers Unite! If you have never heard of this group before, I’m glad you’re reading this! Photographers Unite is basically a group of area photographers that love Jesus, love their jobs and love to meet new people! Photographers all over the country meet and fellowship with one another in settings like this and it’s about time that the VA MD DC area has a group of Christian photogs that commit to hangout every now and then! Our first meetup was this past summer in Fredericksburg and it was a blast! (see link:)

Good Things

After Christmas Sales & Restoration Hardware
restoration hardware

It’s been

FOREVER since I posted a “Good Things” post! Really… I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to really sit down and blog about all the little things in life that make it…well… “good”!  I obviously can’t list every little aspect of my life that makes me smile because that blog post would be extremely long and somewhat boring to read. So I’ll just start today with a recent “good thing” that I think just about every girl LOVES…. AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES!! The BEST sales are on the Christmas decor and for a girl who has a new little house to decorate now… these sales are AMAZING! …. (especially at Pier 1! Love that place! I would live there if Michael would let me)