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Buddy + Jill | Engaged | Part II

Downtown Staunton Engagement Session
downtown staunton engagement session

The Blog is

full of so many of my close friends right now! Ali and Manny made their debut last week and Jill and Buddy are back on the blog this week! It’s wonderful! I love this time in our lives. Michael and I have SO many friends that are getting married and it’s exciting! We were sad when college ended and we moved on into this new phase of life but now that we’re here… I kinda like it! …. Actually, I LOVE it. Being married has made my life so much easier and I love feeling like I’m where I belong. As we watch our friends enter into marriage, we’re so happy for them because we know how awesome this life change is!! It’s wonderful!

Love Languages

Happy Valentines Day!
valentines day necklace teal

Some people

say that they don’t like Valentines day because they want their special someone to love them 365 days of the year… not just on February 14th! I totally understand this…. but also disagree with it at the same time. Maybe I disagree with it because I am loved 365 days of the year and Valentine’s day is just an extra special version of any normal day! My love language has always been “gifts”. If you have never heard of the ” 5 Love Languages” before, you should read about them HERE!  I used to think that this was such a silly method of characterizing people and the way they like to be loved…. but it’s actually very accurate. I feel most loved when I receive gifts.

The "Love Shots" Contest

Vote for your 3 Favorites!
valentines day love shots contest

It’s that time again!

Last year I started something I like to call the “Love Shots” contest. Basically, I love my couples and I love spoiling them with fun things like CANVASES!! As you all know, Valentines Day falls on a Monday this year….this coming Monday….like two days from now! Ah! This contest will end at midnight on Valentine’s day. By using the poll at the bottom of the post, blog readers can vote for their top 3 FAVORITE LOVE SHOTS! All weddings that I have shot since LAST Valentine’s Day are included in the contest!  The top 3 couples with the most votes will each win a FREE CANVAS of their favorite wedding portrait! Wooohoo!!!!

Manny + Alison | Part II

Hermitage Hill Farm Wedding
farm wedding 2

The best part

about shooting a friend’s wedding is that you get to REALLY be a part of the experience. When you go to a friend’s wedding, you normally only get to say hello at the reception and give them a big hug… but when you’re photographing a friend’s wedding… you get to be a part of the whole wedding day and that is such an honor. I got to help Ali and her wonderful bridemaids set up reception details (heaven for me!), I was there when she was getting her hair done, I watched her see her husband for the first time on her wedding day and I got to capture their first moments as “Husband and Wife!” after the walked out of the church. You see what I mean? Such a privilege.

farm wedding

Manny + Alison | Part I

Downtown Staunton Wedding
staunton virginia wedding

After we

finished up Alison and Manny’s portraits (and I say “we” because Michael second shot with me and I love him for it!)… Michael looked at me and said…”Welp.. this is going to be a “Part 1/Part 2 for sure!”.  You see, this is “blog” language. The blog is the heartbeat of my business and so we talk about it all the time. What Michael meant by that comment was “Whoa! There are going to be a TON of money shots!! You’re going to have to post twice!”. Again… blog language. “Money Shots” refer to the shots that give me goosebumps and make me squeal after I take them….. Alison and Manny had a whole day full of “Money Shots” and I tried my best to narrow it down but about an hour ago I realized

cardigan bride wedding


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