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Wedding Wednesday

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My wedding day

went by faster than any other day in my whole life…. I’m so serious! It literally FLEW by. I remember stopping and thinking “oh my gosh… this is my WEDDING DAY….this is really happening!” During the planning process I knew that I needed a wedding coordinator for the day of my wedding. I really should have had Anna help me with more but I was bridezilla when it came to my details!! However, having a wedding day coordinator is a MUST! I don’t know what would have happened without Anna’s help! …The band wouldn’t have played on time, the bridesmaids would have been walking too early, the family would have been sitting in the wrong seats,

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On a Wedding Day

there are so many things constantly running through a Photographer’s mind…. or at least there should be. ┬áThere should never be a time when a photographer has an extended period of doing NOTHING. Wedding day’s are too busy for that! There is always something that can be captured but so often photographers settle for doing the bare minimum. It’s easy to do when your feet are aching and your right arm feels like it’s about to fall off from holding up your 70-200 during a LONG ceremony. However, I have found that when you give it your ALL during the wedding day, the reward is great and your client is happy!


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