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Stop by Sweet Spot Candy!

Bridal Day at Sweet Spot Candy
candy wedding

Want to see

something SWEET?!!  As some of you know, I will be hosting a workshop tomorrow and 18 amazing photographer’s are going to join me for a SUGARY SHOOT at the Sweet Spot candy shop in West Broad Village!  I’m beyond thrilled!! My office looks like an explosion of orange and teal and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together! The fabulous Janie Medley is providing our florals and the talented ladies at the Sweet Spot are designing a custom made candy bar for the shoot! Remember me talking about candy bars and how AWESOME they are at weddings?! Well if you’re a bride and have never seen one in person…

The Morris Family

Downtown Richmond Photographer
morris family richmond photographer

Meet the

Morris family!! When I was at CNU I had the privilege to meet the amazing Nate Morris and eventually become his neighbor! Nate is one of the most hard working and driven people I know. He gets ideas, becomes passionate about them and makes it happen.  He’s incredible.  You should probably bookmark this post and save it so in the future, when Nate Morris is president, you can say “I saw him on the blog!!!!!!”. If he’s not the president of United States… he’ll at least be the president of SOMETHING! He’s a natural leader and I’m so honored to call him my friend!

Wedding Wednesday

Our Engagement Guestbook!
photo engagement guestbook jasmine star

Some of my

wedding ideas were not so great…. like covering the whole under side of the tent with HUGE teal tissue balls?… Yea…thank goodness Anna talked me out of that in a hurry. Between the dew and humidity, those poor things wouldn’t have stood a chance! And then I had another idea…. I wanted to hang different strips of vintage fabrics from the top of the garage and cover the WHOLE thing.  It sounded cute on paper… but really, if I had done that, the garage would have looked like it had been a victim of a vintage toilet papering attack and it would have cost me a small fortune!


Just a few "mini" Features to Share!
katelyn james photography featured

This morning

I’m suffering from the allergies…. oh and they’re AWFUL! Why?! WHY is it that when it gets pretty outside… I can’t go out there!!! I literally can’t BREATHE through my nose right now and I hate it.  It’s so nice out there…..if I didn’t have allergies I could……. go on a run! or weed the flower bed! or finish mulching around the big tree in the front yard!….. Yea. right.  I would never do any of those things at 9am on a Tuesday. However, I would like to think that if I didn’t have allergies, I would be more productive during my workday. I feel like every time I’m about to accomplish something I have to run and grab a new box of tissues! Misery!!!

Surrounded by Dreams

Corey's Room
surrounded by dreams

Your teachers

drill this into your head from the time you begin kindergarden…”Believe in yourself! Accomplish your dreams!”.  I remember being told that when I was in primary school….all the way through Mrs. Douglas’s english class senior year. However, at the time…. I had no clue what my dreams were. I remember sitting in Trig with one of my close friends and she decided she wanted to be a national geographic photographer…. and I said “Oh… and I’ll be a professional scrapbooker!”…. and I was serious. At the time I liked 3 things….Yearbook, scrapbooking, and crafts.