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A Day in Winter Garden

Cafe's, cars, and coffee!
winter garden florida

Our alarms

went off at 4am… maybe 4:15…. whatever, it was EARLY… that’s all I remember.  We made it to the airport and flew to the little town of Winter Garden, Florida. By the time we got there, it was only 10am so we got brunch at an amazing french cafe on main street and then started our one day visit to Winter Garden! One of our close friends was getting married at an old fashioned theater that day and we just happened to get in SUPER early. The wedding wasn’t until 4:30 and so we literally had the whole day to explore, eat and take a much needed nap. After brunch, we walked up and down the streets and I shot random

Jordan + Katy | Engaged | Part II

Downtown Richmond Wedding Photographer
downtown urban engagement session

There is

something so special about my time with couples during their engagement session. It’s really my first time to ever interact with them and it gives me a preview of what to expect for the wedding day!…. After Katy and Jordan’s session.. I can’t WAIT for the wedding day! June can’t come fast enough!! If you missed their PART ONE…. shame on you! It was so much fun! Don’t worry, you can still view it HERE! The second half of their engagement session was shot downtown and think I fell in love with Richmond all over again! The old streets were lined with vintage doors and bright colors…

Wedding Wednesday

Themes | Summer Melon
summer melon wedding colors

being creative

is not always easy to do when you’re planning a wedding. I remember thinking to myself “Ya know what! I don’t have time to think of new, creative things… I just need to get this DONE!”.  When you have so much to do and so much to plan, sometimes creativity is the first thing to go…. and that’s so sad… because creativity makes every wedding unique!  Something that I’m always talking about and hoping for are “themed” weddings! Our wedding was “Vintage Peacock” and once I decided that, it really helped me narrow down my details!  I had a VISION of what the day could look like and I created an

The Goals

March 2011
march 2011 goals

I honestly

can’t believe it’s MARCH already.  I’m frustrated that VA is having all of this warm weather because I still have CUTE SWEATERS that I need to wear!! Where has the winter gone?! So I may or may not have postponed my “Goals” post by a day or two because I was secretly getting some of my last minute goals accomplished! (If you come over and think the hem is crooked on our hallway curtains…you’re right… they are most definitely crooked but hey! I accomplished one more goal!!) So here is to a productive month of March!! There are some fun things happening this month… one being the SUGAR SHOOT! I have so much to do but

Jordan + Katy | Engaged | Part 1

Old Richmond Train Station Engagement
old train station engagement session

Her exclamation

marks made my day. Katy emailed me a few weeks ago, exclaiming that she was getting MARRIED! Her excitement made me smile and her over-use of exclamation marks was the perfect sign that she was supposed to be one of my brides!!! I love this girl! Both Katy and Jordan graduated from CNU and though we weren’t super close during college, I remember seeing Katy on campus and thinking “that girl is always SO happy!!”.  It’s no wonder she ended up moving to Florida to work for Disney!! She’s so full of Joy and I can only imagine how much fun she will be on her wedding day! CANNOT WAIT!


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