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Our House | Before & Afters

The Bathroom
purple bathroom


Thursdays are filled with a ton of wedding pictures! Thursdays are always fun and exciting…. but there is no wedding to post this week so I thought to myself “This Thursday is going to be a boring blog day if I don’t think of SOMETHING!”. So, in order to keep today BRIGHT and FUN…..I’m sharing another BEFORE & AFTER post of our home!! This isn’t the most AMAZING room in our house… it’s the BATHROOM. Yea, so don’t get too excited. This is actually a little weird.  Sharing your bathroom with the internet is quite a bold move…. but not as bold as the PAINT COLOR I picked!!! Ha!


The Savvy Photographer
savvy photographer blog

How cute is

this blog?! As soon as I was contacted by the Savvy Photographer Blog I fell in love with it! It’s adorable and it’s all about helping and inspiring photogs! Be sure to check out this awesome site and read the ABOUT page so that you can learn how this blog came to be! It’s such an amazing idea and I’m so honored to be featured today!!! And if I have my information right, I think they are featuring the office tomorrow! Woohoo!!! I’m so thrilled. Thank you Leslie and Marsha for the sweet opportunity!! Blog readers, leave them some love over on the Savvy Blog!!!

Wedding Wednesday

Ceremony Lighting
wedding ceremony lighting


This is such a vital part of your wedding day! I’ve done a Wedding Wednesday about adding professional lighting to your reception and how that will TRANSFORM your event. It was my BEST decision when it came to reception planning! View that post HERE.  However, reception lighting is not the only lighting to consider when you’re planning your big day. It’s often overlooked, but ceremony lighting is crucial! It’s especially important to think about when you’re getting married in a church.There is very little that you can control about the light at an outdoor ceremony.

Ask Anything

The Workflow
photographers workflow


If you’re a photographer… or really any type of small business owner, you probably have one.  Workflows are an essential part of running a business and producing quality work in a timely manner. (That just sounded like I pulled it from the dictionary… I’m just feeling really smart this morning!)  As photographers, I believe our workflows have to be top notch.  If it’s taking you 5 full days of editing to get a wedding done, you’re going to drown in work if you aren’t already.  We have to create efficient, well organized systems, just like any other business. When I was in college and shooting weddings on the weekends, I really couldn’t have

Good Things

Easter, Picasso & Cookout

I’m just warning

you, this post may be long. I have a lot to say about these three things: 1. Easter, 2. Picasso and 3. COOKOUT! It’s quite a random grouping of topics, I know.  However, they are all worthy of a GoodThings post! This past weekend was EASTER…. and I wanted so badly to do an Easter post but I have been doing really well with my rule of not blogging on the weekends.  Most weekends I’m working on Saturday and Michael and I are both involved with a lot at church on Sunday so if I added BLOGGING on top of all that, I would never see my husband! So this weekend I refrained from blogging, even though I had something very BLOG WORTHY to talk about.


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