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Kenny + Misty | Engaged

Family Farm Engagement | Virginia Wedding Photographer
vitnage picnic engagement session

He told me

that she was always that one girl that would hang out with the boys in high school.  They all liked her.  She was awesome and beautiful and yet she never dated any of them. They all graduated and went away to college but after that phase of life…. Kenny and Misty realized that they were meant to be together.  Kenny explained their story to me as we rode through fields and old dirt roads in the back of Misty’s dad’s truck. We shot their engagement session at Misty’s childhood home.  I’m from the country and so being in the middle of nowhere is not a foreign feeling for me.  However…. we were really in the middle of NOWHERE!

Mike + Emily

Apple Blossom Plantation | Backyard Virginia Wedding
plantation wedding

Emily may

have been one of my most excited brides thus far! This girl could not WAIT to be married.  After their engagement session we were constantly texting about the wedding and I could tell that she was so ready for April 16th to be here! Mike is her best friend and they have dreamed of being married for so long. Two days before their wedding day, Em texted me about the forecast and it didn’t look good. I told her I had cute umbrellas and not to worry but deep down I was thinking “ohhh dear”.  They weren’t just calling for light showers, there were severe weather warnings issued for our area! Ah! Emily kept her cool and because they decided to do a first look, we were able to shoot TONS of portraits before the rain,

blue and green wedding colors

Wedding Wednesday

Creating Clusters!
wedding diy flowers

I can’t let

these awesome flowers go to waste! I  bought these yesterday from a local GROCERY STORE and made these arrangements.  We used them for a project yesterday and I’ll admit it, I was so very proud of my bouquet! I’m no Janie Medley, but I think I have a few floral skills hidden deep within me. I know NOTHING about floral design but I think my grocery store bouquet is pretty cute!! I’m hoping it lives a few more days so I can keep staring at it every time I pass through the kitchen! So today’s WeddingWednesday is more like the good old days when I first started Wedding Wednesday’s and I actually designed wedding ideas.

Catwalk for Kids

Richmond Fashion Week, Richmond, VA
catwalk for kids

You’re probably

wondering “what in the world is this”?! I wondered the same thing too when I received an email from “Catwalk For Kids“.  I had never heard of this non-profit organization before.  I was contacted by them to see if I would shoot their event that was taking place in Richmond during fashion week. I agreed… with no clue as to what I was getting myself into. However, I came to find out that this was an incredible opportunity.  Catwalk for Kids was started by Mary Norton, a celebrity handbag designer who has designed accessories for stars such as JLo, Tina Fey, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, etc, etc. However, what this amazing designer has


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