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Josh Proposed!

And Mandy said YES!
mandy and josh engaged

He called

me last week and I started squealing before he could even finish explaining his plan.  Josh called and said “KK, can you be at Lake Gaston this friday night….I’m going to ask Mandy to marry me.” WHAT?!!!! Um, HELLO!!!! Of course I can be there!!! DUH! What kind of question is that?!! I wouldn’t have missed this moment for the world! Josh was my neighbor in college and Mandy was one of my amazing roommates. I love these two…. like really LOVE them. They are two of my all time favorite people!!! Ever. They love the Lord, they love their friends and they love each other. They have been dating since high school……

Good Things

Sisters, Roadtrips & Headbands
flower headband

I’ve been trying

to make this happen since before I graduated college. The words “go visit emy!” have been on my to-do list for months but things have just been crazy! We would make plans, then I would have to change them… we set a few dates and then something would come up and we would have to reschedule them. It wasn’t happening and I felt awful. I wanted to go and hangout with her awesome roommates and friends but I felt like every single week, I had commitments. So this past Monday Emy called me and told me to come… THIS WEEK.  I started to explain”Um, no! I can’t! I have meetings and an engagement session at 9am

John + Emily

Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer
teal wedding color spring wedding

It all began

when I decided to do a bridal show. I was invited by a friend to be a part of a small show at the Science Museum and I figured I would give it a try. BAD IDEA.  My business doesn’t work that way.  I book brides through word of mouth and the blog! …. Not by handing out flyers.  I considered that whole experience a huge waste…. until I received an email from Emily. Emily had won my raffle at the bridal show and she ended up booking last spring.  I knew she was sweet and gorgeous and was planning a beautiful wedding, but I had no clue her family attended the church Michael and I just became a part of! Weird right?! It’s such a small world.  I shot Emily and John’s engagement

teal wedding colors

Wedding Wednesday

Invitation Inspiration
wedding invitaitons

This can be

the hard part…. picking out invitations. I remember DREADING this part of the planning process. I knew I wanted to be unique and do something different but I had NO clue how to do it! I also had no ideas for the design.  Figuring out invitations can be frustrating to someone who has never even thought about stationary before! How are brides supposed to know about “Letterpress” and how many envelopes are proper, etc. etc. (I don’t even know the envelope rule!) My invitations were very non-traditional.  After I figured out what I wanted, making it happen wasn’t too complicated.  One of my awesome brides just


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