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Emily's Bridals

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I love

bridal sessions! Normally, if a bride opts for a bridal session, they have also done an engagement session and so by the time the wedding comes around, I have worked with the bride on two different occasions.  This makes a HUGE difference on the wedding day. I get to know the bride so much more and show up to the wedding knowing what poses she likes most and how to make her feel most comfortable…. and every bride wants that on her wedding day. Trust me.  Emily and John were married on Saturday and I absolutely loved being there.  After engagements and then Em’s bridal session with her and her mom, I felt like I was a part of the family!

Daniel + Kimberly | Engaged

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Every couple’s

story is so different but yet so perfect for them.  Kimberly emailed me a few weeks ago about an engagement session and as she typed her first email to me, she couldn’t help but share how Daniel proposed and how amazing he was and EXCITED SHE WAS! There were a lot of exclamation marks!  Daniel is in the Air Force and because of his deployment schedule and her work schedule, they hadn’t seen each other very much lately…. and I know how hard that is. When Michael lived in North Carolina and I saw him once a month…..torture. However! I think Kimberly would agree that Daniel made up for their

What Nobody Sees...

The Freak Out Moments
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I’ve been

realizing a lot lately that this blog really only shows the best of me. What blogger or photographer would ever want to show their ugly side to EVERYONE following their work? No one!  It’s a save way to marketing myself and share my life because I am in total control of everything…. most of the time.  However, when little things start to overwhelm me, my attitude starts heading in a downward spiral. You never see that.  All of you on the other side of the blog will never see that downward spiral that causes me to freak out!  You may not see this side of me but my husband does….. all. the. time.

Tim + Amber

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This wedding

was the PERFECT wedding to kick off this 2011 wedding season! I loved it for so many reasons! Tim and Amber are such an incredible couple with amazing families. I shot Tim’s sister’s wedding back in December of 2009 and fell in love with the whole Banta family. Last weekend almost felt like one big reunion! Seeing familiar faces and knowing names makes a wedding day so much easier for me! It was so great seeing Jason and Jackie and celebrating along side of them as Jackie watched her baby brother enter this new phase of life! Every time I looked at her, she was in tears! (Jackie, I’ll be just like you when Corey gets married one day! I can’t even imagine!)  It was a day

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