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Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Decor | Tags and Labels
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I hear

brides say this all the time “we just don’t have the budget for details”. Well after this post that will not be a valid excuse! There are so many little ways to make your day unique without spending $4,000 on centerpieces! That’s just ridiculous. I actually PREFER to shoot DIY weddings over large budget weddings because there is so much more character shown through those details.  When a bride gets creative, it automatically makes her wedding day unique to her. DIY projects are the way to go! Today I’m going to explain how easy it is to create awesome labels that fit your theme and can really take a display from just ok to AMAZING!


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Can I just

brag really quick!? I just got back from the GYM! Can you believe it?! I know it’s so unattractive to be prideful but in this moment…. I am SO PROUD of myself. It’s 9:35 and I’ve worked out, showered, done laundry and now I’m working on the blog and emails. I’m just so happy with myself right now!! The only thing that would make this morning PERFECT would be if this torrential downpour outside my window would turn to sunshine! I’m not complaining though. Sometimes rain helps me work faster and more efficiently because I know that I wouldn’t rather be outside.  So on this rainy day in the office, I’ll be editing a wedding, listening

The Goals

April 2011
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My Weekend

was wonderful…. tiring, but wonderful. I helped out with Youth Weekend on Friday night, spent the night with some awesome girls, got up, ate one of Mrs. Vath’s amazing waffles and then drove to Wake Forest, NC… shot Amber and Tim’s beautiful wedding, drove home at 1am, backed up images, slept for 4 hours, went to church, taught sunday school, worked on youth production stuff, choir practice, youth group, Red Robin and then ended the weekend with ICE CREAM. Wow.  Today I felt like I could have slept until 4pm.  It’s been a long few days and Michael and I are both exhausted…. but it’s a great kind of exhausted.

Featured Friday

Meet Tori Watson | Marvelous Things Photography
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During WPPI

I decided that I wanted to do a “Featured Friday” blog series… not EVERY friday… but once a month I wanted to feature another photographer . So often the photography industry can seem like it’s all about “me me me”. How can I get more fans on facebook? How many people are checking the blog? How well known am I?…. UGH. How disgusting is that. We can be so consumed with “ME” that we stop growing all together! It’s really refreshing to see other photographers focus on something other than themselves every now and then. Justin and Mary do this with their “One’s to Watch” series and I love it.