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Nate + Catherine

Virginia Winery Wedding | Virginia Wedding Photographer
virginia winery wedding

I woke up and the

skies were overcast…. and I was excited!! What does that mean? Well let me tell you! It means I could shoot anywhere I wanted for Nate and Catherine’s First Look! FREEDOM!!! Woohoo! I love overcast days so much! The colors are brighter, the light is awesome and it’s not as HOT! This day was starting perfectly and it continued to get better and better. I started with the girls in an adorable country cabin down the road from the venue. I knew most of these girls from CNU and so I had been looking forward to this time with them for a while! Catherine casually walked around the little cabin with her hair and makeup done, not stressed at all. She is the epitome of a simple, classy bride. Her style was so HER


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Wedding Wednesday

Our Wedding Published | The Knot VA MD DC
virginia wedding

Oh this is such

a happy post for me! As a bride, I worked so hard at planning our wedding. Hours of sitting on the basement floor, sorting through moss and peacock balls and never ending phone calls with vendors left me exhausted.  However, as I look back on my wedding day, all I remember was that it was perfect. I laughed and cried and squealed with my hands in the air… A LOT. They say that your wedding day is one of the best days of your life and I’m happy to say that that was so true for us. We LOVED our wedding and I wish I could have shared that day with the WORLD! The joy and happiness that filled that small country church was

Craig + Bev | Engaged

Virginia River Boathouse Wedding Photographer
rustic river engagement

Well I really have

no clue how to start this post. Who do I talk about first? Craig, who I’ve known since middle school? Or Bev, the girl that let me spend the night in her room so I could come and visit Michael after he left for college. Both Bev and Craig are so close to my heart and I’m really  having a hard time trying to explain how amazing these two are in words.  You just need to meet them. If you were to hang out with them you would realize that 1. Bev has the most gorgeous smile and a joyful laugh that comes with it, 2. Craig is a pro at making Bev laugh, 3. They LOVE the Lord and 4. they are perfect for each other

PASS Premier Tour

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pass premier tour

So what is PASS?

I’ve been receiving that question since I tweeted that I was attending the PASS Tour in Washington DC last week! Well, as you all know, I’m a HUGE FAN of SHOWIT and I give them all the credit for making me look LEGIT. My website is totally ME and that’s because they gave me the tools to be able to create my website on my own! Their drag and drop technology revolutionized my WEB PRESENCE! If you want to see for yourself, visit my official website HERE! Well, David Jay and his awesome team of Showit people have now introduced a NEW product that is going to, once again, revolutionize this industry.


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