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Ryan + Annamarie

Virginia Center for Architecture Wedding | Richmond Wedding Photographer
coral and blue wedding

Have you ever heard

the term “eye candy”??  Well you’re about to experience some “Eye Candy” in about 30 seconds after you read this and view Ryan and Annamarie’s post! Oh. my. gosh. What as gorgeous day!! From beginning to end! The locations, the details, the people…. it was wonderful! I knew Anna was detail oriented and we had talked about some of her ideas but I had no clue how everything had come together! I loved it ALL!! Ryan and Annamarie were married last Saturday and I have been looking forward to this one ALL YEAR! People have actually asked me, “When’s the TEAL TRUCK couple’s wedding”?! (Referring to their engagement session!)

coral and blue wedding

Wedding Wednesday

Emily Hudspeth | Makeup Lessons
wedding makeup artist

If you have been

following the blog for any amount of time, you may remember me mentioning that NOTHING went wrong on our wedding day…well almost nothing. My fake eyelashes fell off. That’s it! I’ve said before that I’m totally ok with that. If that is the ONLY thing that didn’t go as planned, I’m fine with that! Luckily I was able to save my makeup and retouch before the ceremony and everything was fine! I loved having my makeup done on my wedding day.  It gave me time to relax and get ready for the LONG day that awaited me. However, as I started planning my wedding,

Brian + Kristen | Engaged

Washington DC Wedding Photographer | Union Station
washington dc wedding photographer

As I was driving

up interstate 95, the dark clouds kept approaching.  The closer I got, the darker they became. It eventually began to down pour and I thought to myself “welp, this isn’t good”. I was almost to DC and there was no way we were canceling! I had been looking forward to meeting this couple since Kristen first emailed me! Brian and Kristen are both Lawyers in DC and will be getting married in LA next June. They wanted their engagement session to really show off their life together in DC and I was honored that they asked me! I pulled up to Union Station and as I frantically searched for an umbrella, I was hoping that there was just an ounce of

Promo Film Shoot | Part 2

Country Field Wedding Shoot
coral orange wedding

In case you

missed this post a few months back… here is a link to my new PROMO FILM done by the amazing Josh Gooden!!! We met in downtown Richmond with Ali and Manny and Buddy and Jill and I’m SO GRATEFUL for everyone’s hard work! It was such a blessing to work on this project with friends that Michael and I both LOVE so much. I’m so thankful for their time and willingness to help out!  I still do a little happy dance when I think about how great it feels to have this project DONE!!! woohoo!! I’ve been meaning to post the second half of the shoot and show off Alison and Manny one more time! How much do you love them?!


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