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Featured Friday

Meet Lauryn | Lauryn Galloway Photography
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This month’s

Featured Friday Photographer is a girl that holds a sweet place in my heart. You know her as being the “Blue Truck Bride” and having adorable wedding details and a cute husband and a SERIOUSLY AWESOME “Model Face”… but what you also need to know is that she’s a GREAT photographer!! Lauryn Galloway and I became friends when we met before her wedding at a little coffee shop in colonial Williamsburg. If you had told me then that we would be hanging out in Richmond together with our husbands two years later, I would have laughed! That would just be too perfect, right? Right! Michael and I LOVE these two.

Jordan + Katy

Historic Beacon Theater Wedding Photographer
virginia wedding photographer theater wedding reception

My roommate Britney

worked in the admissions office at CNU and one day she came home and said “You know Katy Ray right? Well she LOVES the blog!”.  What?! I was so excited! At that time… not many people knew about the blog and even fewer followed it! So when I heard Katy loved what I was doing, I was thrilled! Katy graduated, moved to Florida and worked for Disney and then met a boy, fell in love, got engaged and guess what…. she was STILL following the blog!! Yesssss. She emailed me with tons of exclamation points and capital letters and I was SO excited when I knew I was officially her wedding photographer!!! It’s so wonderful to photograph couples that

virginia wedding photographer theater wedding

Wedding Wednesday

The Power of a Stamp!
wedding stamps

Today Michael and I

are attending multiple graduations for some of our kids. (If you’re new to the blog, Michael is a Youth Pastor…we don’t have 60 kids of our own……well we kinda do… it’s hard to explain).  So This Wedding Wednesday is going to be short and sweet! I had something else planned but that will have to wait until a week when I’m not editing TWO weddings and shooting two sessions and going to graduations! Today is a good post because it’s showing you how a $10 STAMP can totally transform your wedding!! I LOVED Nikki and Alex’s wedding from this past weekend!


Alex + Nikki

Green Backyard Wedding | Virginia Wedding Photographer
backyard wedding virginia

I’ve been working on

this post for HOURS. Every time I blog a wedding I tell myself “narrow down your images Katelyn! You can’t blog them all!”.  I’m seriously trying to work on it. I’ve found a little trick that is helping me blog fewer images but I’ll share that later on the in post! So this past weekend was my first double wedding weekend of the year! Whew! My feet are still recovering! However, I have never felt more loved than I did at these two weddings.  So many guests and family members were so encouraging and very excited to see these images! That’s so amazing for me. It’s a great reminder that what I am doing is such a huge part of the wedding day

backyard wedding

James + Nicole | Engaged

Williamsburg Virginia Wedding Photographer
williamsburg wedding photographer

As I was driving

to colonial Williamsburg to meet James and Nicole, I glanced up at my thermometer in my car and it read “102″. Oh my gosh. I immediately double checked to make sure I was wearing a somewhat dark shirt so that no one would be able to see just how much I was sweating! Can you imagine shooting in 102 degree weather?! Then add humidity in and it’s 10x worse! The air was so thick, it felt like you could touch it! Virginia has been having some hott days recently and I have definitely been getting a workout while shooting these past few sessions and weddings!  So the reason I’m telling you about the crazy weather is because you need to understand


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