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The Goals

June 2011

These “Goal” Posts


are really NOT my favorite posts to write. It means I have to admit what I haven’t accomplished and come up with more “to-do’s” for the upcoming month! Ah! I feel like I’ve been behind for two months. Everything for the business is up to date as far as editing and emails and blogging (well the albums are slowly getting there!) However, keeping LIFE going and the business running is a full time, all day-everyday job. It’s hard to find time to just sit down and create our “Wedding Video”…. Note to brides… PAY SOMEONE TO DO THIS! It’s worth it. The biggest regret from my wedding planning was not


Cameron + Emily | Everyday

Downtown Ashland, Virginia Photographer
virginia photographer

Emily loves the

BLOG! I was so honored when Cameron emailed me several months back and inquired about a portrait session.  He wanted to surprise his girlfriend of 3 years with a session because he KNEW she would love it! He was right. Emily was smiling from ear to ear the ENTIRE session. She’s so joyful and happy, I loved her from the moment I met her! Cameron and Emily drove down from fairfax for a portrait session in downtown Ashland. The light was gorgeous and even though it was a hot one, the evening couldn’t have been more beautiful! We walked and talked about their dreams and how Emily is going to be an awesome wedding

Matt + Clare | Engaged | Part II

New York City Wedding Photographer
new york city wedding photographer

There are several

Things that I learned about myself during our less-than-48hr trip to NYC on Sun/Mon. 1. I need to practice looking both ways before crossing the streets. 2. I need to stop buying $15 shoes from Target that offer NO support what-so-ever to my already huge and slightly damaged feet. (My poor feet have problems… that’s a whole other blog post) and 3. I hate driving while Michael is in the passenger seat.  One little jerk of the wheel and he can’t fall asleep because he’s scared for his life.  I’m really not THAT bad of a driver.  My husband actually deserves a lot of credit for this shoot. You see, when Michael

Matt + Clare | Engaged | Part I

New York City Engagement
NYC engagement wedding photographer

I don’t know


where to start.  I was THRILLED when Clare commented on the blog for the first time… MANY months ago. Then I was even more excited when she emailed me exclaiming that she was ENGAGED! ….. But then it got even better! Clare and I were looking at some dates for their engagement session to be done in Richmond. Clare and Matt live in NYC but are getting married in Richmond so they would be down in VA every now and then for wedding planning appointments. It made sense to shoot here…. but then I had a crazy idea and after running it past Michael, I asked Clare if we could come to THEM!