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Featured Friday

Meet Michelle | Michelle Cross Photography

You are about

to meet possibly the sweetest girl on the planet! Michelle came into my life two years ago in Vegas. It sounds sketchy but just bare with me. We were at WPPI when Jessie and I met this soft spoken, beautiful girl who joined us for dinner one night. The Rainforest Cafe was LOUD and the fake birds were chirping overhead but I think Jessie would agree that that night was one of our favorites!  Michelle’s calm, genuine personality makes it easy for anyone to fall in love with her… immediately. She’s married to the love of her life and together, they look like they just walked out of a magazine.

Andrew + Stephanie

Christopher Newport Wedding Photographer

There are moments

when I meet a bride and just know…. “oh this is going to be GOOD!” Stephanie is one of those brides.  She’s the perfect example of what I love most about my job. I get to meet amazing couples, they allow me to be creative and they’re SO excited about their images! This is Steph and Andrew.  When I met them for their engagement session, I loved them.  I called Michael on the way home and said  “Awwwwww… Michael I love them! I love these two!!”.  He always wonders why I just can’t wait 20minutes and tell him this in person…. well, I was excited!! I was excited because I knew that this couple’s wedding was going to be amazing.


Our House | Before and Afters

The Youth Room

When Michael

and I were “house shopping”…. I selfishly had one big requirement. I wanted an office that looked like a little cottage. When we found this little cape cod, tucked away in the west end of Richmond, we fell in love with it because 1. It had a cottage-like upstairs and 2. It had a room for Michael as well! When you walk upstairs in our home, you turn left and you’re in my Office (that I LOVE!) and then you turn right and you enter what we like to call the “Youth Room”! A better name for it would be the “Game Room”… or the “Xbox Kinect Room”…. or the “Man cave”.


Meet Maggie

Richmond Portrait Photographer

I’m sure you’re

thinking “Oh my gosh! What has Katelyn done now?!”.  Well, before you jump to conclusions, this was ALL Maggie’s idea!!! Maggie is a senior in our youth group and she’s super artsy and so talented. So for youth sunday, she needed a senior picture to use for the slideshow and I told her to come by the house.  500 pictures later….. she had her one picture she needed! I warned her, I can’t just take 1 picture! That’s literally impossible for me. We spent a few minutes taking pictures around the house and then we went for it. Maggie wanted to show her artsy side and be totally abstract with her pictures.




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