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The Goals

July 2011
honeymoon venice

I’m crazy

and I know it. It’s 1am and I JUST got done catching up on some emails from being gone for a week! My bags are not unpacked, I need sleep and I have a stack of mail to go through…. but it’s July 6th and guess what I haven’t done…. BLOGGED my GOALS! It’s pretty sad if you always wait until mid-month to blog your monthly goals. So I’m just getting this done right NOW!! And I have some exciting news to share…. my THANK YOU CARDS are DONE!!!!!!!! The sad news is that I waited ┬áSO LONG to get them done that the Postcard Postage went up a few cents and no one told me!!! So I’m PRAYING


The RV family

Wisconsin bound
rv trip

This is my

first post from an iPad! It’s a little hard to type so if there are some spelling errors and typos, I’m just going to blame it on the fact that I’m typing on a mini keyboard as we’re bouncing around on the awful roads of Michigan. Seriously, these roads were NOT made for large Motorhomes! Last Wednesday night, my family and I left for a LONG drive out to Wisconsin for my cousin’s wedding….and when I say LONG DRIVE, I mean a 21 hour drive! Ah! The crazy thing is that this trip could have been 1/3 of the time if we had flown! …. but what fun is that?


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