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Ryan + Rebekah

Charleston SC Wedding Photographer

This morning

I’m typing in bed.  It’s nice. The weather channel is playing and I’m watching Irene come up the coast and praying she doesn’t mess up vacation plans and a new england shoot next week! (Fingers crossed Debbie!!)  It’s not looking to good. People around our area are filling up the gas tanks and buying extra food just in case. I have to admit, I love storms. I would never wish horrible devastation on anyone, however, I have always found storms to be extremely exciting! So I’m hoping for the hurricane to roll through on Saturday and be gone and off the coast by Monday.. that would be perfect! Michael and I have been looking forward to our

Wedding Wednesday

DIY Doilie Centerpieces Part 2

So uhhhhh…

the reason this is a little LATE is because I got side tracked. ALL DAY. This happens quite often. I went downstairs to grab my purse to go to the bank and then out to get the flowers and then I saw my laundry….you should know that this laundry has been in the washing machine for over 24 hours. Gross. I had to re-wash it and after unloading the dryer and making the bed, I realized “Oh, I was supposed to go to the bank like and hour ago!!”  That really sums up my whole day. I’m trying to stay on task and this the post up ASAP because there is SO much to be done before Friday! ah!


A Weekend Away

The Charleston Roadtrip

Well because

this blog is not only a business tool, but also a scrapbook of my life… I just have to post a little something about my weekend getaway to Charleston, SC. Steph, my roommate from college, was sweet enough to take off work and join me… I don’t think she minded too terribly much. We drove down late Thursday night, woke up Friday with no alarm set, walked down the street to grab brunch and then laid by the pool.  Are you jealous yet?? Then I prepared for my shoot that evening and we left to get some frozen yogurt before meeting my clients.


The Peters Family

Richmond VA Photographer

When I started

My college adventure at CNU, I knew that I loved the campus and the people but I had no idea how much I would come to love Rosemary Trible. Rosemary is President Trible’s wife and she has such a huge heart for the young women on CNU’s campus. Over my four years there, we formed a wonderful friendship and I was lucky enough to photograph her 60th birthday. That seems like it was just yesterday!  The Tribles have done so much for us the last four years and it was a privilege to photograph their grandson Lochlan last weekend! Let me just tell you, he’s a cutie!! Barrett and Mary Katherine live close by in




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