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Shooting for the Album | Design & Shooting Techniques

I think one of my favorite

things to do is design sample albums.  I love design and I know most photographers do not have a design background and so that thought of albums makes them CRINGE! However, when I’m designing sample albums, the only person I have to please is myself! So I can do really fun things and try new layouts and change it as much as I want! I recently went on a trip with my family to Wisconsin to shoot my cousin’s wedding and on the way out there, I designed 4 sample albums AND a honeymoon album! WHAT?!! Where did

Joseph + Casey

The Flower Wedding | North Carolina Wedding Photographer

It’s so funny

to hear people talk about different weddings that they see on the blog. Sometimes they can’t remember the couple’s names so they refer to weddings like this: “Oh you know, the “Blue Truck Wedding!”… referring to Lauryn and Jared’s wedding.  And then some people say, “Well I liked the Cardigan” wedding… referring to Ali and Manny! So I think it’s about time that I join in and start labeling weddings too! Joseph and Casey’s will definitely be the “Flower” wedding. There were flowers EVERYWHERE! It was their theme and I loved it!  Wildflowers filled their centerpieces and DIY paper flowers covered the reception! It took a lot of hard work to prepare and it was worth all




Wedding Wednesday

Honeymoon Planning

In August 2009,

Michael proposed and we started planning our wedding! If you have never heard the proposal story…. let me just say, it’s my all time favorite:). After making our gigantic guest list, I was a little overwhelmed and so I told Michael to plan the honeymoon…. the WHOLE thing. I didn’t want to know anything. Just take me somewhere and I trust you completely! However, we did talk about a location and what we liked and didn’t like and we realized that neither one of us wanted to go sit on a beach all week. It just isn’t us! I have a hard time doing absolutely NOTHING and to top it off, I don’t TAN! At ALL! Not even a little bit. I’m a redhead!

Travis + Molly

Harrisonburg Wedding Photographer

Michael and I

have driven through the mountains so many times over the past three years since I started this business.  We  pass by rolling hills and amazing scenery and I ALWAYS make a comment like “Ohh I wish I had a bride up on that hill!”.  Some spots just seem so perfect for portraits and yet I have to drive right past them, only hoping to have a bride and groom willing to walk up and shoot on the top of a perfect hill one day. Well, last week, my dream came true! Molly and her husband Travis got back into their wedding attire after being married for a few years and having TWO KIDS! Aren’t they awesome?!


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