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Good Things

Target, Dry Shampoo & Falsies

Happy Friday!

If you’re a fellow east-coaster, you may be having a pretty DREARY end to your work week. It’s POURING here. Buckets and buckets of rain are falling from the sky and it’s miserable. It’s the type of day that makes me want to lay in bed and do nothing but watch a movie and relax. But instead of doing that… I had a great client meeting, ran errands, went out to lunch with my husband and made a Target run. Productive, wouldn’t you say?  Oh Target. You steal so much of my money and yet I’m ok with it because I love what I come home with.  I’m in the process of a mini-reorganization project in the office and Target had just what I needed.

Harry + Brittany

The Beautiful Bouquet Wedding | Running Hare Vineyard

I walked into

the hotel room where the girls were getting ready and gave Britt a big hug! This girl was SO excited to get married and her day was FINALLY here! Her bridesmaids surrounded her as she continued getting ready and then the flowers came… and everyone stopped in their tracks. Brittany caught a glance at her dream bouquet and she started tearing up.  Some don’t understand this. Why get emotional over a BOUQUET?! …. Well I’ll try to explain because I know exactly what Britt was feeling in that moment. As a bride who loves details and styling, I had poured my heart and soul into making my wedding day exactly what I had dreamed it would be….and when I saw it all coming together and all the


Wedding Wednesday

First Comes Love, Then comes marriage,


there’s a baby in a carriage… or something like that.  This is really a stretch for WEDDING WEDNESDAY. It’s not really wedding related at ALL. However, here is how I’m justifying it in my head… it’s a baby shower, with cute DIY details that could be inspiration for wedding details… and it was for a PAST bride.  So technically…. it’s wedding related. Anyway, why am I trying to justify this? It’s my blog, I’ll post what I want! There. So Wedding Wednesday is a Baby Shower post and for all of you out there that are really type A… this is probably going to cause a twitch.

Meet Shelby

Charlottesville Portrait Photographer

If you’re

a girl…. you’ll understand what I’m about to explain. You know the feeling when you meet a BEAUTIFUL girl and you get a litttttle intimidated because she’s literally drop dead gorgeous.  It happens to all of us…. and it happened to me when I first met Shelby.  However… it was a pleasant surprise to immediately realize that Shelby wasn’t aware of just how beautiful she was.  In fact, she’s probably one of the most down-to-earth girls in our whole youth group…. she just happens to look like a model.  I hope she always stays like that because really, that makes her even more attractive.  Shelbs is an incredible girl.  I’ve loved her since day one and I can’t

He says I'm turning into you.....

A post for Momma

It happens

more often than it used to.  I’ll say or do something that resembles you and Michael tells me “You’re turning into your mother!”.  Now that I’m married and living on my own, I guess in some ways, I have started doing things that I watched you do my whole life.  I’m proud of myself when I file our bills correctly and the longer we own this house, the more and more I HATE having piles of clutter here and there.  When guests come over, I take our stack of old mail and random junk from the kitchen counter and I stuff it in a closet until the everyone leaves… I’m sorry I just announced that to the whole world but I’m pretty sure we’re not the only family that does that.:)  When I’m


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