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I stayed up

WAY too late last night. This week was filled with some computer glitches that have now seemed to have resolved themselves, we’ll see. So my normal schedule of editing and feeling in control of everything business-related was completely thrown out the window.  Ya’ know what happens when I have a week like that? I’m the WORST person to be around. Oh I may seem so “happy and peppy” on the blog but watch out world when Katelyn’s computer isn’t working and her workflow is thrown off. I’m surprised Michael even came home! I just wasn’t a pleasant person this week and because he’s the best husband

Ryan + Kristen

The Reebok Wedding | Sweely Estate Winery

Every wedding

I walked away remembering one specific thing about it. It could be the colors or the theme or the amazing bridal party, etc….. this wedding will forever be remembered as the REEBOK wedding. I could be called “The Perfectly Detailed” wedding as well. Kristen thought about EVERYTHING.  I don’t think I’ve see a wedding SO custom designed! We’re talking custom printed napkins with random facts about the couple and personalized fill-in-the blank save the dates… the list goes on and on! These two really put their heart and soul into planning this wedding and it showed.  Guests were amazed and the amount of thought and preparation that went into their wedding day. However, put all those details

reebok wedding shoes

Ben + Cassady | Engaged

Downtown Richmond Wedding Photographer

So how

cute are these two?!! They’re adorable. And you’re going to love them even more after I explain their story.  Ben adores Cassady… so much so that he contacted me WAY before he even proposed! Cassady is in the photography business and had followed the blog… I think she has been following for a WHILE… which means she remembers the old “Inspired Designs” days.. whew! What a blast to the past! Ben scheduled an engagement session before the proposal and Cassady was blown away.  Now, it’s one thing to pre-schedule and plan ahead, but this couple did something even more amazing! …. They drove

Wedding Wednesday

Colorful Cubes | DIY Bridal Shower Idea

I’m sure

you’re thinking that I’ve gone crazy.  I’ll probably get a few emails saying “Pssst… Katelyn… It’s TUESDAY!  NOT WEDNESDAY!”. I realize this, really, I do.  However, because of some little technical difficulties this week, my blogging was thrown off. So TODAY is Wedding Wednesday and we’re pretending tomorrow is Tuesday. Ok? Ok! And tomorrow…(Tuesday) I have a post you’re going to LOVE. Promise! It’s worth the wait!  So this Wedding Wednesday on Tuesday is for the bridesmaids that are in charge of throwing a bridal shower. That’s a big job when you’ve never done one before. I’m actually in the process of planning a


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