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What to Wear?!

So many

photographers ask me what I wear to weddings. I tell them I wear DRESSES and they GASP! Well, I don’t really know if they gasp, but their response is something like this: “Really?, Isn’t that restricting?! And aren’t you uncomfortable?!”.  The answer to those questions is no. I really love it and I feel more comfortable in a cute dress than in anything else. I want to look like a “Professional Guest”. I have attended weddings where the photographers wear what looks like a black jumpsuit…not cool. If that works for them, that’s great! … It just doesn’t work for me. I want to blend into the crowd and still look stylish and professional. I’m a direct


The Goals

September 2011

Am I the only

one who feels like August barely existed??! Really, where did it go?! All of a sudden it’s September and I feel like life is moving faster now than it EVER has! It’s crazy. We just returned from vacation, I shot a wedding this weekend and I have a feeling this week is going to be a little busy as I try to catchup on work! That’s ok though, because vacation was GREAT! We loved getting away from the normal routine! We didn’t get to have our fun trip to New England but we just took a rain check on that one. We’ll get up there one day!! So about these GOALS! I’ve been trying to be more realistic about them recently!

Featured Friday

Meet Sarah | Ampersand Photography

We are kinda home

from vacation. And when I say “kinda” home, I mean we’re physically in RICHMOND…. but we’re still not working. Today is a stay-cation day. We’re getting “life” stuff done around the house. Ya know, laundry, vacuuming, dishes, hang my NEW SAMPLE CANVAS OF BUD & JILL!! Woopwoop! So excited about that one! After the “life” stuff is accomplished, we’re headed to BUSCH GARDENS with one of our favorite couples! Perfect ending to our vacation!!!  So I will be sure to share vacation images next week! (You knew that was coming!) We had such a great time and not only did we get away,

Nate + Tiffany

The Nautical Wedding | Annapolis Wedding Photographer

As soon as I

saw Tiffany on her wedding day I said “Um, how in the WORLD did you get so lucky?!”.  Tiffany and Nate decided to have a friday evening wedding about a year ago. Little did they know that the weekend following their wedding was going to be hurricane central! WOW! As I read tweets from other photographers about all of their Saturday weddings that had already been canceled, I became so thankful that I was working on a Friday. Nate and Tiffany are SO fortunate that they had clear skies and a beautiful day for their  wedding. The sun was out all throughout the evening and then the clouds rolled in as the couple made their grand exit on BOAT!



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