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Nathan + Evelyn

The Sunflower Wedding | Fredericksburg Wedding Photographer

You should

know by now that I love shooting friend’s weddings. I really do. Is it hard to work and still have time to say hi to people? Yes… but it’s so worth it. I get to be a part of one of the biggest days in my friend’s life and that’s an HONOR! Evelyn has been a part of my life since college….well… not really. Technically she has been apart of my life since MIDDLE SCHOOL. Let me explain. When Michael and I were in Middle School, he was like the older brother I never had and we picked on each other constantly. Our families were really close, we did EVERYTHING together and so we really felt like we were siblings. Our moms decided that during our middle school years, we should be a part of this traveling show choir


Wedding Wednesday

DIY Pumpkin Craft

This is

the FASTEST wedding wednesday I’ve ever posted in my LIFE. I am literally in the middle of blow drying my hair and finishing a presentation! I’m taking 4 of our girls to visit CNU and then I have the opportunity to speak and answer questions for CNU’s digital photography class!  I’m excited!!!… But running out of time! And if you’re a fall bride that is excited and running out of time… this pumpkin monogrom DIY project is a GREAT way to decorate an entry way, the top of the bar, centerpieces, etc! It’s easy, crafty, and CHEAP. It costs me $4 for the pumpkin and $1.25 for a set of silver thumbtacks! Simply draw your

Meet Erinn

Ashland Portrait Photographer

We headed

towards Ashland and I was convinced that the light rain was just going to pass us by. I mean, it always does. Most of the time it’s a quick shower and then the skys clear up. Well this was not the case last Wednesday! Erinn and her sister Mallory joined me for what turned out to be the RAINIEST session I’ve ever shot! However, it was still fabulous because we made it work and made a ton of memories along the way. Mallory thought she was coming to be the comic relief and make Erinn laugh… but really, she ended up being our umbrella carrier and lens keeper. We literally couldn’t have done this without her!


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