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Big Bowls of Cereal

and Busy Days

When I

get busy….several things happen……1. I forget to eat meals and remember that I didn’t eat them at midnight so then I inhale two bowls of cereal because I think I can justify it. 2. I begin to think strategically. What HAS to be done today… and what can wait.  3. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter become HUGE “no-no’s”. I can’t even consider looking at them because there is a chance I’ll get sucked in and waste a good 30 minutes of work time. and 4. My hair suffers. I get out of the shower and just throw it up … all day.  Today my hair is up, my stomach is growling and facebook’s addicting red notification symbol is tempting me.  It’s been a long day


United with Love, Bayside Bride, SHAPE

Has anyone

noticed that I haven’t even had time to post a “goals” post in two months?! Gah!! I don’t think I’ve ever shot this many engagement sessions in such a short amount of time. Between those sessions and weddings every Saturday…I’m feeling a bit… what’s the word… DONE.  Yes, I’m ready to be DONE. However, I have one more FABULOUS  wedding to shoot and it’s going to be a favorite for sure. It’s the PERFECT wedding to end my 2011 season with. Then I have a few more engagements and a workshop. After next weekend…. my season is officially over and I get to do things like design a bazillion albums, deep clean our

Walter + Adrienne

The Chinese Inspired DC Wedding

You just met

these two last week! Walter and Adrienne’s Old Town Alexandria engagement session was a GREAT way to prepare of their Washington DC wedding on Saturday.  They knew all of the moves, all the poses, …. they were pros. They were also so excited that this day had finally come. After years of dating and spending some time long distance, these two are finally married!! As Adrienne got ready two floors above Walt in the Hotel Monaco, she opened a gift from him. One gift was a designer handbag that she adored and the other was a little bit of a surprise. Walt gave Adrienne a little Yoda. Yes, from Starwars. He said “This is just to remind her of who she’s marrying!”.  Adrienne laughed when she unwrapped the


Wedding Wednesday

Lash Love

There are

many debates in wedding planning.  Big wedding vs. a small wedding, Cake vs. cupcakes, Band vs. a DJ…. Real lashes vs. Fake lashes!  If you’re thinking that the last debate mentioned is no big deal compared to the others, you’re correct. However, fake lashes do make a big difference in images.  If you’re like me and don’t have extraordinary LONG, lush lashes naturally, then fake lashes may be a great option for you! It really does change the way you look and how much your eyes will POP in your portraits! Now, I’m not one to advocate that brides should look totally MADE UP and not themselves on their wedding day. Some people hear


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