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Girls Overnight to the Country

Puddles, 4wheeling & a Giant Sleepover

It’s really

the simple things in life that are most enjoyable. We live in a part of town where life is FAST. Everything is fast paced. People call Shortpump a “Shopping Mecca”. We have this GINORMOUS mall and every restaurant known to man within a 5 miles radius of our house. During Christmas time, Broad street becomes a NIGHTMARE and the parking lots are a dangerous place to be.  So we decided a month ago that some girls from our youth group should have an overnight trip and we should get away from the craziness! So we took them to my parent’s home in the country!! We left last friday night and got away from the hustle and bustle of Shortpump.

Behind the Scenes

The 2011 Wedding Recap


I have been viewing some photographer’s blogs where they do an “end of the year review” and I love those posts.  I don’t know what I love about them so much. It’s just fun to see what everyone has accomplished and to get a “sneak peek” into what their job looks like behind the scenes. Welp! Here is my “behind the scenes” post for 2011 and I have to admit… my “behind the scenes” images are a little less than professional.  This post includes shots of me getting hung up in a briar patch, showing off less than desirable dance moves and almost tripping over a hole.  It’s really not very impressive!

Wedding Wednesday

A Modern Coca-cola Christmas Inspiration


I get a little ahead of myself. I woke up this morning with a list of christmas things to get done and then there was a “business” to-do list as well. One of those “Business” to-do’s was to blog Wedding Wednesday. But I wanted it to be a GOOD one. Well, it takes some work to make a GOOD Wedding Wednesday and you can’t do it halfway. So, what was once supposed to be a simple post, has turned into a entire styled shoot in my kitchen…. complete with a lighting setup and fresh flowers. I know, this is ridiculous. However, I enjoy this stuff.

Ask Anything

The Overall Album Design Process


photographers have asked about two different topics. They ask 1. How do you shoot so many portraits and 2. How do you shoot with an album in mind. Well the answers to these two questions are closely related! The way I shoot portraits ensures that I will have a ton to choose from AND that the album spreads will be cohesive.  This past week I have been working HARD on album designs. I think I’ve completed almost 8 of them and I’m on a roll! Before we get too far into this post, let me explain my album process. I like to design my albums first, with the images that I think look the best.

The P31 Conference

Coming Next Fall

Some of you


may be a part of the wonderful Facebook group for female photographers that is Pursuit 31.   A year ago, this group was just beginning and since its’ launch, it has exploded! Women like having a place to connect and share about their lives, their faith and their businesses.  Karen Stott headed up this group and has become a sweet friend over the course of this year and I’m so excited for her as she branches out and pursues BIG dreams and all that God has for her. When she contacted me about the Pursuit 31 Conference I was incredibly honored and somewhat confused.


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