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  • The 2012 Love Shots Contest

Every year I host a contest… and I say “every year” like I’ve been doing this forever… really, this is only the 3rd annual “Love Shots” contest! I’m not really sure where it got its’ name… I just came up with it! But it originated as a “Valentine’s Day” contest. Welp! I was crazy busy around that time this year and so I forgot to post it! But have no fear! It’s back again and I can’t WAIT to see who wins! EVERY WEDDING I shot from LAST February through THIS PAST February is entered in the contest.  ONE COUPLE will win a 20×30 CANVAS at the end! All they need to do to win is have the MOST VOTES by MONDAY April 2nd at 12pm.

They are allowed to share, tweet, blog, call grandma… WHATEVER they want to get votes in! If you’re a faithful blog stalker and you don’t even KNOW these people…. that doesn’t matter! Just vote for your favorite wedding!! Some people get realllllly into this! I have to remind myself that no matter what, I can’t give away 34 MASSIVE canvases… even though I would love to. haha. So unlike last year… there will be only ONE winner… unless there is a tie!:) So goodluck couples!!! I rooting for you all!!! The images are not in any particular order! Vote for your favorite at the bottom of the post!  *** edited to add:  The couple who wins will get to choose their OWN favorite image for their canvas! ***

Tim + Amber’s beautiful North Carolina Wedding

Chris + Christine’s Classy Blacksburg, Virginia Wedding

Harry and Brittany’s Running Hare Vineyard Wedding in Prince Frederick Maryland

Kenny + Misty’s Bright and colorful fall wedding at The Briar Patch

Walter and Adrienne’s Chinese Inspired DC Wedding

Drew and Kelsey’s Classic Wedding at Christopher Newport University in Newport News VA.

John and Molly’s Country cowboy themed wedding in Chapel Hill North Carolina

Britt and Katie’s gorgeous destination wedding in Spread Eagle, Wisonsin

Buddy and Jill’s DIY Farm Wedding in Staunton VA!

Ryan and Annamarie’s DIY Brunch themed Wedding in Richmond Va at the Virginia Center of Architecture

Alex and Rachel’s beautiful Eastern Shore Wedding

Matt + Rebekah’s Gorgeous DIY Fall Wedding in Middleburg Virginia at The Briar Patch

Nathan and Evelyn’s DIY Fall Wedding in Fredericksburg Virginia

Craig and Bev’s DIY, Gray and Gold  Tappahanock Wedding

Caleb + Rachel’s Wedding in Newport News with beautiful portraits at Lee Hall Mansion!

Aaron and Katie’s Historic Kinloch Wedding

Craig and Laura’s Downtown Petersburg Wedding

Patrick and Kimberly’s Irish Themed Wedding

Nate + Tiffany’s Nautical Annapolis Maryland Wedding

Joseph and Casey’s DIY Flower Themed wedding in Shelby North Carolina

John + Colleen’s gorgeous waterfront rustic Virginia wedding!

Scott and Megan’s Classic Northern Virginia Wedding

Gardner and Lauren’s Southern Richmond Wedding at the Tredegar

Chase + Sharon’s Rustic River wedding in Smithfield VA

Brian and Carrie’s elegant Richmond wedding

Andrew + Stephanie’s Vintage DIY Christopher Newport University Wedding

Jordan and Katy’s super fun Theater Wedding with vintage details

Dan and Kelsey’s Tropical Summer wedding at The Jasmine Plantation

Ryan and Kristen’s DIY Sweely Estate Wedding in Madison Virginia

Mike and Emily’s Virginia Apple Blossom Plantation Wedding

John and Emily’s elegant Richmond Virginia Wedding at University of Richmond’s Chapel!

Alex + Nikki’s Organic Eco Friendly Backyard Wedding

Nate and Catherine’s Relaxed Vineyard wedding

David + Courtney’s New Years Eve Wedding at the Bolling Haxall House in Downtown Richmond


1st Place Harry and Brittany!!

2nd Place John and Molly!!

3rd Place Bev and Craig!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. molly stillman reply

    AH! yay! so exciting! love!! it’s gonna be so hard cause there are so many amaaaazing weddings. :) i might be biased for John + Molly’s though… :)

  2. Anna Burke reply

    Ahhh! I finally got it to load, but this is HARD! I have too many couples in the running AND they’re all gorgeous!!! I need to think about this and come back later :) Good luck, everyone!!!

  3. Rachel Peterson reply

    Chris and Christine’s!! Such a fun picture :)

  4. Katie Reynolds reply

    I think our photo should be the waterskiing one! LOL

  5. Rachel Cutherell reply

    Katelyn! I just LOVE that you’re doing this! This post is yet another reminder of how MANY weddings you did last year and how gorgeous they all were. I’m definitely going to be emailing this link around! :)

  6. Rachel Cutherell reply

    PS: Vote for Caleb and Rachel! ;) ;)

  7. Shannon Cronin reply

    these are all STUNNING! my favorite is John & Colleen’s!

  8. emily reply

    LOVE the one of caleb and rachel. they get my vote!

  9. Sydni Jacksons reply

    wow you shoot so many weddings! that were all SO beautiful!

  10. Amelia reply

    My vote is for Jordan and Katy!! Good Luck Guys!

  11. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Ah!! They’re all so beautiful! I eventually narrowed it down to Alex & Rachel or Nate and Catherine’s. I eventually picked N&C’s but I really wish I could’ve picked both. :-( All these pictures are amazing!

  12. Susan reply

    This is so hard to choose. They are all so BEAUTIFUL!

  13. Lauren reply

    My vote is for Buddy and Jill! I love their wedding! :)

  14. Michelle Amarillo reply

    I vote for Jill & Buddy :) Beautiful wedding!! Love love love everything from the DIY details to the beautiful scenic backyard background!

  15. Meredith Sledge reply

    Hardesrt decision ever! But I have to say Tim and Amber’s photo is my favorite! The first one! :)

  16. Kristina W. reply

    It’s so much fun to see a recap of these weddings! Hahaha, you like this kind of contest because you don’t have to pick the winner Katelyn! Well I can easily pick for you this time… Rachel and Caleb! <3

  17. Karie Murray reply

    They are all lovely! ….but, I have to vote for John & Molly’s country inspired wedding! I so enjoyed viewing their images on the blog!

  18. Josh Gooden reply

    So hard to pick! I’m going for Buddy and Jill.

  19. Stephanie Conn reply

    I remember the post from Britt and Katie’s wedding and loved it, I choose them :) Great work Katelyn!

  20. Stephanie reply

    I came on this site to vote for two of my friends. Your photography is unbelievably breathtaking. You can truly see the joy these couples are sharing in the moment of the photo and every one of them looks stunning. :]

  21. Michelle Stoltzfus reply

    Oh wow! So hard to choose, but I’m gonna have to pick Ryan and Annamarie because I adored their wedding! So sweet!

  22. katie S reply

    sharon and chase have my vote!!!!

  23. Debbie Pyle reply

    Buddy and Jill

  24. Samantha Shipley reply

    My vote is for Buddy and Jill!!!!! I LOVE their wedding. It is really tough choosing though. All of the couples are beautiful :)

  25. Anastasia reply

    Sp hard to choose.. They are all amazing! Chase+Sharon is my fav

  26. Jennifer reply


  27. Kari reply

    AnnaMarie & Ryan’s wedding was ADORABLE

  28. Casey reply


  29. Brittney reply

    Chase + Sharon!

  30. Alex reply

    scott & megan =]

  31. Eleonora reply

    That was such a hard choice to do!
    But at the end I voted for Chase + Sharon’s rustic river wedding. AMAZING WEDDING!

  32. Retha reply

    Chase + Sharon (love their photo)

  33. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    SO fun!!!! Thanks to ya’ll who have voted for Chase and I!!!! -big hug-

  34. Nancy Mitchell reply

    They are all winners in my book. Gorgeous Brides!

  35. Emily Baxter reply

    I was that bride that “got really into it” but totally paid off :) I love this contest… Can’t wait to see who wins! Love you k!

  36. Sarah R. reply

    Nate and Katherine! I love her dress and their laid-back style :)

  37. Annia reply

    Ryan and Annamarie FTW!

  38. Victoria reply

    John and Colleen!

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    […] (not open from the homepage) in order to view the “POLL” . Here’s the link! : Good luck […]

  40. Lisa F. Crawford reply

    I voted for Ryan and Annamarie! They look so happy in the pic! A really great moment! Good luck !

  41. Elizabeth Price reply

    Chase and Sharon…their love is amazing…and your pictures are also amazing!!

  42. Leslie reply

    VOTE FOR SHARON AND CHASE!! I love that picture of them:)

  43. Jennifer reply


  44. Courtney C. reply

    David + Courtney!! This photo is not one of the better ones, but I promise there are some good ones! (Ok, I’m biased)

  45. Ashlee reply

    My Vote is for Bev and Craig.

  46. Bonnie reply

    John and Molly. Amazing pictures

  47. caroline reply

    oh my goodness! I can’t believe you shot ALL of those weddings!! I think ALL of your close friends from college got married this year haha :) love you always!

  48. Katie reply

    Ryan + Annamarie!!

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