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and Happy Friday!


Where the heck did this week GO?! Where did MARCH GO?! Man! I’m looking at my blogging calendar and thinking…I don’t even REMEMBER some of these days! They just flew by SO fast! It’s insane! So here we are. It’s Friday and we’re about to start a NEW MONTH and I realized that I just have a lot of ANNOUNCEMENTS to make…. so here’s the FIRST “HOUSEKEEPING” blog post! this post is simply a RECAPand a REMINDER of all that’s been going with Katelyn James Photography. Maybe I just feel the need to post this to keep MY LIFE sane and under control! I don’t know…. but what I DO know is that I have a lot of LITTLE things to announce!

Operation Upchuck

& Bokeh's Love for Devils Food Cake

Today is one

of those days….. the bed seems much more desirable than the desk… the TV is calling my name instead of my inbox… and I just don’t want to do ANYTHING. At all. I have a shoot tonight that I’m so excited about but this morning I’m really lacking in the motivation department.  Someone needs to come kick my butt into gear because I’m not feeling like I could conquer the world right now…. Or MAYBE I’m just dragging my feet because I know what I REALLLLLY need to do… I need to give Bokeh a bath.  I hate giving him baths. He hates it, he shakes, he looks like a hairy, wet Chihuahua and the bathroom smells like wet dog for a good

The 2012 Love Shots Contest

Vote for your Favorite!

Every year

I host a contest… and I say “every year” like I’ve been doing this forever… really, this is only the 3rd annual “Love Shots” contest! I’m not really sure where it got its’ name… I just came up with it! But it originated as a “Valentine’s Day” contest. Welp! I was crazy busy around that time this year and so I forgot to post it! But have no fear! It’s back again and I can’t WAIT to see who wins! EVERY WEDDING I shot from LAST February through THIS PAST February is entered in the contest.  ONE COUPLE will win a 20×30 CANVAS at the end! All they need to do to win is have the MOST VOTES by MONDAY April 2nd at 12pm.

The First Month

with a puppy

We knew

getting a puppy would mean big changes for us.  We were used to leaving the house whenever we wanted for as long as we wanted. No responsibility whatsoever. It was nice. When we first got married we talked about getting a puppy but luckily, we decided to wait. I’m so thankful. That year and a 1/2 without a puppy was good for us and I’m glad we didn’t immediately jump into being puppy parents right after the wedding. However, December 2011 was quickly approaching and I was secretly hoping Michael agreed that it was time to get a puppy! …. He did. I found out on Christmas morning that we were going to get a little Bich-Poo!!! AHH!!!


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