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Rerouted by Rejection

American Idol Audtions

Every teenager

has an interest in SOMETHING. Whether that’s sports, or art or SHOPPING! ….. all teens have something that they are into! For me, this was singing. Yea I liked being artsy and creative but at 16, I thought my career was going to be on stage. I was very convinced of this. I started singing at as soon as I could talk. Momma took home videos of me sitting in front of the stove and singing to my reflection. So vain. I was so prissy and I loved playing dress up!!! Ever heard someone call a little kid “a character”?! Whelp, that was me. If there was any type of audience, I would perform! Even if the audience was just the person in line behind us in the grocery store…..

Our First Family Portraits

By: Jodi Miller Photography

If you haven’t

noticed… the blog has had a mini-facelift today!! Thanks to the amazing, hard working designers at Flosites, I have a fresh, updated homepage and I’m SO THANKFUL! (Alina, you’re the I ALSO have to give a HUGE shout out to Jodi and Kurt! They are two of the sweetest people and you KNOW you have GOOD friends when they agree to shoot some portraits of your four month old puppy! GAH! Bokeh was a little TERROR during our shoot several weeks ago but Jodi and Kurt worked their magic and I’m just amazed at what they were able to capture! Thanks to them, not only do we have some BEAUTIFUL family portraits… I FINALLY have new promotional

Wedding Wednesday

Daddy/Daughter First Looks

A lot of brides

are very secretive about their “Look” for the big day. No one but mom and sisters see the dress before hand and they NEVER try it on except for a fitting. Welp, this wasn’t the case for me. I came home with my dress, ran to the bathroom and threw it on as soon as I walked in the door! I showed Daddy immediately!! Now I didn’t try it on for friends but my family saw it on  before hand because I was PUMPED! I didn’t even ask daddy if he didn’t want to see it before the wedding day, I just walked into the kitchen and exclaimed “DADDY LOOK!!!! THIS IS IT!!“.  He smiled and hugged me and

The Workshop Experience

Spring 2012 | Behind the Scenes

This past

friday I woke up, ran around the house gathering last minute things I needed, triple sprayed my hair so that my bangs wouldn’t be in my face all day and then I rushed out of the door at 7:40. It was a WORKSHOP DAY! I literally feel like we JUST had a workshop. The Workshop Experience last November was such a great day and I met so many amazing photographers who I can now call my friends!  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do this again! Photographers from all over the east coast (and north west!) came to Richmond VA and met at 9am at the Virginia Center of Architecture.


and a Contest!

How many

of you have gone to a cafe or coffee shop or restaurant and have decided on a WHIM to try something NEW?!  Whenever this happens to me I feel like deep down, I’m being a rebel! A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to try a little something NEW at STARBUCKS! What?! Breaking away from my regular order?! Yes. I cheated on my carmel iced mocha and I found something NEW that I like! It’s healthier too! I even have Michael buying “Trenta”s of this new drink!  Ps. When did “Trenta’s” become an option?! Those cups are MASSIVE!! So here’s the deal… because I realize “Featured” posts are BORING… we’re spicing it up a little bit!!



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