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There are people


 that talk a big game… ya know.. they tell others how to run their businesses and they’re considered big shots in the industry….there are A LOT of those in the photography industry… but there are some that talk the talk… AND live it OUT! I’m not hating on anyone… really! I have NO ONE in mind when I’m writing this. I just know that with FAME and POPULARITY…. there can sometimes be a huge disconnect with the people that are looking up to you.  I don’t know that from personal experience because I’m FAR from the “big shot” category…. but I think this happens in every industry.  If you rise SO high that you can’t

Corey + Shelby | Married

A Spring Williamsburg Wedding Shoot

She emailed

me last fall with exclamation marks and ALL CAPS, asking if there was ANY way that we could meet up and do a “Just Married” shoot!  I’ve done this several times for different couples and I love to make them happen whenever I can! Corey and Shelby were married last summer at the Williamsburg Lodge and their wedding was gorgeous…I mean just look at them… of course it would be gorgeous! Shelby told me all about her details and things that she had handmade… planning a wedding when you’re a detail oriented bride is a lot of WORK. (I would know:) And so I think it’s perfectly reasonable to want to have a second wedding shoot to capture some more

The Snapshot

April 2012

So Monday

was April 2nd… and I totally forgot that I was supposed to do a “Goals” post. I was a little blindsided by my package that arrived! The Mark III has been good to me the past two days and I get to use her again tonight at another engagement session! It’s been a whirlwind the last couple of days. I’ve had three shoots since Saturday and one more tonight. I think I had forgotten what this feels like! I’ve had a good break. December-March was a time to regroup, get taxes straight, fix things that didn’t go so well last year and gear up for another crazy wedding season. When you book a crazy wedding season, then you have to expect a TON of engagements as well.

Trey + Kiersten | Engaged

Urban Outfitters Meets the Country

When Michael

and I were in high school, our youth group decided to go somewhere NEW for a retreat.  We had been to several camps but this one was different.  This camp was Watermarks.  Back when I was in high school, the Critzer family had just begun this crazy project of turning their family land into a CAMP for kids, teens, adults… ANYONE who wanted to use it!  We showed up, loved it and kept going back… year after year. We formed relationships with this amazing family and over 6 years later, we’re STILL going to Watermarks… only now, we’re taking OUR youth group from our new church! We just love that place but more importantly,


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