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James + Amelia

The Beachy Themed Wedding | Bowling Green, VA

After being married

for over a year and a half (GAH! It’s flying by!), I can attest to the fact that there really isn’t any place quite like “Home”.  That phrase is very true in my life. I grew up in the country, on a hill that overlooks the Sparta Fire Department across the creek! Yup! Nothing fancy….that’s home for me and I love it. I love coming home to visit and there’s just a feeling of PEACE there. Maybe it’s because next to our home in Short Pump, that is the place I feel most comfortable!!  So naturally, when we had our reception in our backyard, I felt “at home” and I LOVED that feeling. I literally ran up stairs in my wedding dress to grab a pair of flip flops from my closet during my reception! It was awesome!


Amelia's Bridals

A Rustic Country Bridal Shoot

The phrase

“rolling with the punches” comes to mind when I think about Amelia. This girl has had some CRAZY speed bumps along her wedding planning journey and she just kept on going.  Plans changed and new plans were made and her wedding day was perfect this past Saturday! So when her first bridal session got rained out, she didn’t blink an eye. We just rescheduled and made it happen the following week!  I met them close to where I grew up in Caroline County and we drove down some LONG dusty roads to find these locations. Now I’ve lived in this part of the country for 20 years…. and I have never even SEEN the roads we were on!

Hunter + Rebecca

The Rustic DIY Country Wedding | Staunton VA

Like most wedding

days, everything was a few minutes behind schedule. It’s amazing how FAST time flies on your big day! 20 minutes seems like 5! Becca somehow managed to get ready in record time (of course it doesn’t take much to get her ready, she’s just naturally drop dead gorgeous!).  She got in her dress, hugged her momma goodbye and we headed to her First Look with Hunter. Becca explained to me a few weeks before the wedding day that she had been writing letters to Hunter since they started dating (4 years ago!) and she wanted him to read one before he saw her. Perfect. I love stuff like this!! Maybe it’s because I’m a girl… or maybe it’s because I did the EXACT same thing for Michael!


Joe + Blythe | Engaged

The Winery at La Grange Engagement Session

Michael and I

were crossing the busy streets of DC during Jasmine Star’s Fix Tour when I heard someone say “Katelyn?!”. I looked and saw Blythe and then I saw her necklace. Now let me explain, I love people and I’m not obsessed with material things but I AM obsessed with the Jcrew necklace she was wearing. I had been eyeing it for MONTHS and so I said hello and immediately stated the obvious “I’m OBSESSED WITH YOUR NECKLACE!!!”. Any girl that is wearing a massive TEAL statement necklace in public IS going to be my friend. No doubt about it. Blythe contacted me MONTHS ago and we started talking about their engagement

Ask Anything

Prep + Pre-visualization

Ever heard the

phrase “Making something outta’ Nothing”?   Maybe the “outta” is the country coming out in me but you get the point. I feel like this phrase perfectly describes that I have to do when  I’m searching out locations for portraits before a wedding day. Some of the places I choose are weird, odd and downright ugly! But hey, if the LIGHT is good….. I’m going to shoot there and luckily, my clients trust me enough to let me do just that. The last wedding I shot took place at a church in Downtown Hampton, VA. While  Hampton is on the water and there are parts of town that used to be over-the-top gorgeous….it can be a little tricky to find


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