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Showit Live

and it's Friday!
showit live

If you

didn’t know…. it’s FRIDAY! Yesterday I got up at 6:30, worked, went to a cycle class and then worked all day. So today….. it was a different story all together. My alarm went off, I looked at my phone and I made a decision in my head to sleep until ten and SKIP my cycle class and go to a movie tonight with Michael and his parents. It’s THAT kind of Friday people!!  They tend to happen every other week or so!! Another exciting part of my day was being able to share on Showit Live this afternoon!  If you missed it, it will be posted on the Showit Live site!!


Trey + Kiersten

A Retro Rustic Wedding | Scottsville VA Wedding

The skies were

cloudy but I’ve learned not to let wedding day weather fool me. Just because the skies aren’t blue and the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean that it can’t be a BEAUTIFUL day. In fact, some of my BEST wedding days have been overcast and so I gladly welcome the clouds! Michael and I drove through the rolling hills of Scottsville (a small area outside of Charlottesville) until we arrived at camp. Trey and Kiersten decided to have their wedding on Trey’s parent’s property that they have converted into an incredible camp that Michael and I have been going to since high school! You can read more about that here!  This incredible family has been a part of our lives for a while and so to be the one that was able to 



September 2012 | Kaitlin

Some people are

just born EXCITED! They can make what others would consider just an average day into an INCREDIBLE day just because of the energy that they exude! Kaitlin is one of those people.  Since BEFORE she even signed up for her coaching session, she was telling me how excited she was! No pressure right?! Ah! I told Michael, “Gosh I hope she has a good time…. she’s so excited!”.  And I’m not talking just smiles and giggles…. she decorated her CAR before making the super long drive done from Cape May. I was so thankful for her teachable attitude and desire to learn. We accomplished so much in our little amount of time!

Dustin + Brittani

A DIY Charleston Wedding | Pepper Plantation Wedding

He brings

a sense of “calm” to her when they are in each other’s presence. I noticed it during their engagement session and it was ever so present on their wedding day. Dustin is Brittani’s best friend and soul mate! As the girls got ready, Britt sat in the stylist’s chair and with her hair up in pins and her makeup half done, she says “I just want to see him”.  That was her main concern. Not the dress, not her hair, not the million little details that she was sprinting around doing that morning… just him. It’s easy to understand why she loves him so much. Dustin is the sweetest country boy you could ever meet. He’s polite, gentle, patient and I’m pretty sure he could get away with anything with that smile of his!! As he turned around to see his bride




Aching Feet & Inspiration

Today there

are so many things I need to do… and only ONE thing I WANT to do… and that’s SLEEP! Whew! What a whirlwind of a weekend! Thank the Lord I’m still moving and feeling good today because I have an engagement session in a few hours! The craziness began Friday when Annamarie and I drove to Charleston, SC to shoot Dustin and Brittani’s beautiful wedding (that will be on the blog tomorrow!!). Then we left their reception and DROVE HOME…. well, Anna drove and I culled the whole wedding!  I went to bed at 5:30am, woke up at 11am and was shooting Trey and Kiersten’s wedding at 2pm!


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