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Little Moments

and Freezing Time

I’ve heard

mothers say that they wish they could just FREEZE time…. just stop it in its’ tracks! Their little one’s are changing what seems like every hour and they just want to savor that age before it slips away! Lara Casey¬†instagrams her adorable baby girl DAILY because if this reason… and I love that. She instagrammed an image of her feet resting on the bed in the nursery and she explained that she wanted to remember that very moment… the baby was in the tub, her daddy was giving her a bath while on the phone with his dad and she was GRATEFUL for LIFE in that moment. She remembers moments through images and I LOVE that we’re living in an

Meet Nathan

Hanover Portrait Photographer

Lets talk

about this weather! … It’s AWESOME!! Perfect for walking the dog, perfect for outdoor malls and WONDERFUL for shooting any type of session. I have bridal portraits today and I’m so thankful that it’s an amazing 72 degrees! I shot Nathan’s senior portraits on Monday afternoon and it was in the 70′s. I didn’t even break a sweat! I vote that this weather can stay year round! We walked around the Nayda’s beautiful home and lawn for his senior pictures and I jokingly mentioned that they should rent out their yard for portraits! It was a perfect place to shoot and so convenient.

Ask Anything

Splurging, Organic Marketing and Saying No!

I received an

email from a frustrated photographer asking HOW in the world do I convince my clients that my PHOTOGRAPHY is worth the investment. She wanted to know how to educate clients about the VALUE of her work and share with them how important it is to have BEAUTIFUL images of this monumental part of their life. I wish it was as easy as saying “This day only happens once, so hire a GREAT photographer!”…. but that’s not enough. Brides are on budgets and they have so many other vendors to pay besides US! ¬†They want a good deal and they want to get it as CHEAP as possible. I understand this because I was a bride

Tyler + Liz

A Country Farm Wedding | Rolling Run Farm

The skies

were deceiving. They were perfectly blue and with puffy white clouds every now and then. It would have been very easy to assume that the WHOLE wedding day would look like this. A perfect 85 degrees with a slight breeze isn’t anything to complain about! However, Michael and I had seen the forecast and we were on guard. I’m BEYOND thankful that Tyler and Liz decided to see each other beforehand because we were able to accomplish ALL of their portraits before the blue skies turned dark. The ceremony began and the winds picked up but they made it through the vows, sealed their new marriage with a kiss and Liz shouted “Take cover!” as her groom led her down the aisle!! It’s a ceremony I’ll never forget


The Workshop Experience

Fall 2012 | Sign-Up Day!

It’s that time

of the year again! Workshop season!! Wedding season is still in full force and it’s not over until November 16th! We’re hosting the Fall 2012 Workshop Experience on Friday November 16th and also hosting a Q&A Brunch for any attendees that are interesting in investing in additional Q&A time! This is something BRAND NEW this year and we’re excited about it! One of the disadvantages of workshops is that there are about 12-15 attendees and only one of me. I would like to sit and chat with individual attendees that have more personal questions about their specific business needs and so the Q&A Brunch is the time to make that happen.


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