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Matt + Danielle | Engaged

A Wintergreen Engagement

We met

at Panera several months ago. We talked about all things wedding and they shared their amazing proposal story. They were on top of one of the most gorgeous overlooks at Wintergreen when Matt got down on one knee and asked Danielle to be his….. forever. Perfect right? Well if you have a perfect proposal, you need some perfect engagement pictures to go with it! So naturally, we traveled up the mountain to shoot their portraits where it all began! It was gorgeous… 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! Matt and Danielle were hanging out outside of Matt’s parent’s mountain home when I arrived.

Beau + Jourdan

A Stonewall Golf Club Wedding

The next

two weeks are PRIME time for fall colors. The trees are BRIGHT and the light is soft. It’s amazing. As Jill and I prepared for the wedding day to begin, we talked about portrait locations and the opportunities were endless. Bright trees, water, glowy light… it was just an overall beautiful day! Beau and Jourdan were married on Friday at the Stonewall Golf Club in Gainesville, VA. The patio where the ceremony took place overlooks the course and a lake….it’s a perfect setting for a small, intimate wedding. As guests arrived and the music started playing, the bride and her girls prepped inside the clubhouse. Now this bridal party wasn’t just any bridal party,



Tyler + Amy | Engaged

Downtown Roanoke Engagement Shoot

I don’t know

how I had never been to Roanoke before. You you’ve lived in the same state your whole life, you would think that I would have at least driven through Roanoke at some point but I hadn’t! I heard people mention Roanoke and I thought to myself, “Oh, it must be a little town in the mountains”.  I had no idea what to expect! As I drove into the city at 7:45am last Thursday, I was shocked to find that Roanoke is a CITY!! Complete with tall buildings, one way streets and A LOT of hills! Since this was a sunrise shoot (my first one actually!), I was proud of myself for finding my way there!  We all know that mornings are not my favorite part of the day


A Recap

The Pursuit 31 Conference 2012

How am I

supposed to describe an extraordinary week filled with people I love, new friends, amazing sessions, incredible worship and GREAT food all in one blog post?? It’s simply impossible. There is no way I could possibly share everything that I learned and experienced at the Pursuit 31 Conference here on this blog.  I guess that means those of you who are curious will just have to come NEXT YEAR and find our for yourselves!! Seriously though, you should go. Yes, this is a christian women’s conference but if you’re someone who would describe yourself as “I’m not really sure I know where I stand with all the “God” stuff”… you should come….

Whitney's Bridals

Windsor Castle, Smithfield Wedding Photographer

Bridal shoots

don’t happen very often for me and so when I have one booked, I’m pumped!  It’s such a southern tradition and I know so many photographers in the Carolina’s that shoot them for EVERY bride! It’s a fun shoot but it does take some prep work for the bride and so I understand why most opt out of the shoot. I shoot bridal portraits on the day of the wedding but if you’re wanting a canvas displayed at your reception, a bridal session is a must! :) Whitney’s session could be described as “A piece of cake”. Seriously! We shot this session in record time because we had a late start and the sun was setting FAST!


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