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Blake + Rita | Engaged

A Firehouse Engagement Shoot

As we were

shooting, I mentioned how Rita was the one who convinced me to tryout for Volleyball in Middle School…. and then I quickly added that it became painfully obvious that volleyball was not “my thing” after a few games. That’s when I thought my friendship with Rita started but she reminded me that we actually went to PRESCHOOL together!! We first met at the “Little School at the Grove”  as toddlers! Who would have thought that we would grow up and I would be photographing her wedding?! It’s such a small, wonderful world and I loved every minute of my time with these two.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From Bokeh Boy


Thanksgiving from Bokeh Boy!!! Yes, he’s wearing a cable knit sweater.. it’s cold here in VA!!! You have to admit, he’s a cutie and forest green is definitely his color. :) We’re hanging out at home for a few days and he’s loving it. He’s enjoying endless people to play with and food being dropped on the floor constantly!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. I’m so thankful for every single one of you that makes a point to check the blog on a regular basis. I couldn’t do this without you!! My business has grown because of YOU and today I’m so thankful.

The Workshop Experience


Who’s heading

to VEGAS this year for WPPI?!!!! I can’t believe this is like my 4th trip out there! I remember my FIRST year… I went with my sweet friend Jessie  and I had NO clue what I was doing there. Everyone seemed SO legit and professional and I was still in college with NO CLUE what I was doing!! But that didn’t stop me from learning a TON, making some new friends and meeting some of my FAVORITE photographers! I was the awkward girl that squealed out loud when I ran into Jasmine for the first time…

Early Black Friday Album Sale

30% Off!

It’s that

time of the year! SALES are everywhere!! Black friday is just around the corner and the Christmas shopping will commence at 5am for some people… the crazy people! haha I’ve only been out at 5am ONCE and I don’t recall it being a pleasant experience. Sure, we got a great deal but as I get older, I’m realizing that there has to be something AMAZING on sale in order for me to get up at 3am and stand in lines until 6am! There aren’t many products that I would do that for. However, if someone was to sell one of those new iMac’s for 50% off… I would stand in line for days! I’m loving them!!



Nikki, Charlotte & Sarah

When you

love something… you like talking about it. That’s just the way it goes. Why do I show everyone pictures of my dog when chances are, they’ve already seen him… because I LOVE him!! So when it comes to photography and answering questions, I’m in my element. Now, this doesn’t mean I want to discuss aperture settings and backlighting while I’m sitting at the dinner table… but when I do have a chance to talk business with other photographers, it’s fun for me! The BEST type of photography conversation is one that allows me to help newer photographers grow.


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