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Oh to be a dog...

A Responsibility Rant

Oh to be

a dog. This is going to sound absolutely pathetic but I envy Bokeh some days. How amazing would it be to only have to worry about chasing squirrels and burying chew toys in the couch cushions?  How awesome would it be to never have any responsibility other than to be yourself and be cute?!  Bokeh wakes up, snuggles, goes out to pee and then his long day of napping, playing and eating begins. What a life!!!  I think it’s safe to say that when you constantly envy the pace of life that your dog enjoys, maybe it’s time for a BREAK! I just finished the last wedding of the season on Saturday, took a quick trip to California for 3 days and tomorrow

Coaching Dates Released

& the "For Photographers" Site

There are some

cool things happening with KJP these days!! The #1 thing would be the fact that I’m getting to meet so many amazing people and not only do I get to be their friends, I have the chance to help them grow and expand their businesses! So, some photographers are purely ARTSY… and the business side of their work drives them insane…. almost to the point of burnt out if they don’t get help! Then there are photographers like me that actually ENJOY the business side in some weird way!! It’s strange right?! Well there has to be a happy medium. You HAVE to be creative and push yourself artistically but in order to grow a business

Melissa's Bridals

A Fall Bridal Shoot


this shoot was CHILLY!!! But you would never know because Melissa’s beauty is the first thing that captures attention! … No one notices the goosebumps! :) It was a chilly October morning when we shot these portraits and I was so impressed with Melissa’s ability to shiver AND look natural all at the same time!! She’s just stunning… absolutely gorgeous…. and she was my roomie in college!!! You’re all probably thinking “Katelyn, your friends are so photogenic” and my response to that is “Yes, I know”. haha They are! Whenever I shoot a friend’s wedding I think to myself  “Self, you are surrounded by gorgeous people in your life!”…

Corey + Melissa

A Rustic Shenandoah Mountain Wedding | Luray, Virginia
luray mountain wedding


that’s the word that I would describe Corey and Melissa’s ENTIRE wedding day.  It was just amazing. The scenery, the timeline, the portraits, the LIGHT!! AH! This was my last wedding for the 2012 wedding season. I have another one coming up in late December but Corey and Melissa ended the non-stop shooting spree that has lasted from April 14th until this past weekend. WOW. You would think that after 30+ weddings, we would be a little exhausted and burned out… but God has been really faithful in that area of my life this year. The closer I have gotten to the end of wedding season, the more inspired I feel. Maybe it’s because I know that the end is in sight… or maybe it’s because I have AMAZING

mountain rustic virginia wedding

Bokeh the Birthday Boy

Happy 1st Birthday

Can you

believe it?! Our little Bokeh Boy is turned ONE on Sunday!!! We’ve been his puppy parents since February and it’s really hard to imagine our life without him! What did we do when we didn’t have worry about where he was and what he was chewing on?! Our lives must have been so boring! Bokeh is now full grown… and he’s right around 10 pounds. Ferocious, I know.  We’re so thankful his hair has stayed dark and we’re hoping he’ll keep his apricot color for years to come! We have loved having this little guy in our lives so much and in a weird way, Bokeh has made us seem more like a family. Maybe