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Heath + Courtney | Engaged

A Harrisonburg Engagement Shoot

Once again

I have a fun fall engagement to share with you!! Heath and Courtney’s images are full of color and I’m excited to share them!! We met on JMU’s campus last Friday and it became very obvious that we were brave. It was homecoming weekend. Who tries to shoot on campus on Homecoming weekend? We do! I think I’ve mastered the art of hiding students that are passing by while we’re shooting!! It’s like a sixth sense! We shot on the beautiful grounds of JMU and then we headed over to JMU’s Arboretum! Hello amazing colors!!! It was gorgeous. As we made our way around the pond, we talked about the wedding and their story, etc, etc.

The Snapshot

November 2012

These posts

all sound the same… “Where did the time go?!”… “How is it already November?!”….etc, etc. I’ll refrain from exclaiming my shock about how fast this month flew by and I’ll go right into why I’m glad it’s November!! November seems like a CALM month to me. It always has! I think it’s because I feel like it’s the beginning of the holiday season and I know that there will be days full of hanging out in my parent’s living room and doing nothing… and that’s FUN to me! (I’m getting old…. doing nothing sounds like fun!).  I think I like visiting our parents so much because when I’m at my childhood home, I don’t feel like I’m responsible for anything! Does that make sense?