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The New House

A New Standard of Productivity

I used

to think that I was productive…. until I saw the construction of a new house. While I’m spending two hours on email, the workers on our house site are putting up the second floor of our house. While I conquered a week’s worth of little to-do’s, our whole HOUSE was framed. Crazy right?! Those guys are FAST. Michael and I are amazed at how organized the process is. As soon as one phase is complete, the next shipment of supplies is dropped off that evening for the next phase. What used to be a pile of dirt is now a framed outline of our home! It’s wild to drive up everyday and find a dramatic new addition to the project. Today they are finishing

Life is Good

Morning Walks & Showit LIVE

I know

most of you are reading from locations outside of VA….but for those of us on the east coast, can we just all agree that the weather the last 7 days has been RIDICULOUS?! I’m not complaining about 75 degrees….. but when you go from 26 degrees to 75 degrees in a matter of a few days, it’s a bit of a shock for the body. I can feel the sniffles coming on! This morning, instead of heading to the gym, Michael and I took Bokeh Boy on a long walk. It was the kind of morning that smells like rain and is just cool enough to keep you comfortable while you’re trucking along.

Why Help?

The Hating vs. Helping Dilemma

Back when

I first started this business, there weren’t many of us around…. and when I say “us”, I’m referring to young, new, female photographers ready to take on the world. Nowadays, that isn’t the case. In the last 5 years, the photography industry has exploded… big time. In our friend group from college, there used to be two photographers… me and my great friend Jessica. Today, there are at LEAST 6 of us. In the last 4 years I have had over 6 of my brides become photographers and I have 2-3 new photographers signing up for coaching sessions every single month. People are referring to this profession as just the “thing to do”…..

A New Website!

& The Mini Rebrand Process

It was

time. The time had come once again for a rebrand. It wasn’t a MASSIVE rebrand… it really wasn’t an overhaul at all… it was more of an update. I didn’t really CHANGE my look and the feel of my brand, I just made it sleeker, more modern and more “grown up” if you will. There are VERY few brands that can keep their look the EXACT same forever. My brand wasn’t BAD, but I knew it could be better. The “damask” background of my blog has been a part of my brand for 4 years…. it was time to move on. So in August, when all of my photog friends were changing their looks and it seemed like EVERYONE was having a

Featured Friday

Julie Chiou from Table for Two

People ask

me this same question all the time…. “How do you keep viewers coming back to your blog”. Well, I think that there are numerous things that make a blog really work and succeed…. and one of those things is the PRESENTATION. Healthy, successful blogs almost always have a cohesive, professional look to them! That stuff is so important! I mean think about it, even if my pictures were pretty and my posts were interesting, do you really think you would enjoy reading them if my blog presentation was plain and unprofessional? I doubt it.


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