• The 5D Mark III

It’s here! It’s here! I had a note waiting on my door friday night that read “You missed a UPS delivery that requires a signature, we’ll be back on Monday”. Grrrrrrrr. Isn’t that the worst?! And it ONLY happens to IMPORTANT packages! (But I am thankful that they didn’t leave this baby on the front porch! yikes!)  So I waited patiently until this morning and it came…. in all of it’s glory! To be honest, from the box, it looks the same. So what’s so GREAT about the Canon 5D Mark III….well, I’m going to officially find out today during my engagement session this evening. However, from just playing with it around the house for 40 minutes this morning,

this is what I’ve noticed as a “first impression”.    It’s BULKIER. I don’t mind this. It just feels more INTENSE! …. the question is… is it?! Welp, with ISO capabilities to 25,600…. I’d say that’s a big improvement from the Mark II.  It’s also rocking 61 focus points and I can FINALLY USE THEM! Lets be honest….. there is A LOT of recomposing happening with the Mark II because the center focal point was the ONLY reliable one!! What does this mean? A TON of soft images. Now, I have focal point OPTIONS and this changes everything! I’m PUMPED!!!!  The backend of the body is more intricate and just simple things like the “playback” option is something to get used to but I think I’m loving it already!! So overall…. I’m EXCITED. I’ll do a more in depth review I’m sure…. but for now, here are the FIRST EVER shots with this new baby… and of course, what better subject to use than  MY BABY!  Ps. If you want to know if a camera is FAST…. trying focusing on the eyes of a 5 month old bich-poo! I think Bokeh is going to give this new camera a run for it’s money!! But so far, so good. I’m impressed! (Just waiting on Adobe to continue to update Lightroom 4 so that it’s processing time for Mark III images is faster!)


So here are some shots of Bokeh’s napping process. First, he finds “his spot” on the bed….


Big YAWN! (Focused on Nose)

Then he lays down… and gives me the “leave me alone mom, I’m tired” look… (ps. using some right focal points here… tack sharp!)

Then he’s OUT…. for a least 5 minutes:)….. (more shots taken with left and right focal points)

Ps. If you want a more IN DEPTH review right NOW… head over to Jessica Claire’s blog! She did a review and I was SO glad it was a good one since I had already purchased mine!! 
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  1. Sara reply

    He is just the cutest thing ever!! You can practice with the new camera some more on Matt and me tomorrow!! :)

  2. Carmen reply

    Wow! Bokeh has gotten so big. I just got my bichpoo from Deb 2 days ago. Shes adorable, but a handful! :)

  3. Chelsea Patricia reply

    Oh my gooness, he is so incredibly cute!!!

  4. molly stillman reply

    SO cool! it looks like you can do some AMAZING things with that camera! i can’t wait to see what comes of it!!

  5. Taryn reply

    I got my Mark II last week too…I”m IN LOVE with it. I must say…money does by happiness (every once in awhile). =)

  6. Taryn reply

    MARK III*** Oops!

  7. Taryn reply

    Mark III** Oops!

  8. Kerri Helms reply

    I have a bichon-poodle mix that I got from the humane society and he is a mess! We named him Repo [since we figured he had been repoed from someone else], but he’s solid white. He’s the happiest little guy ever! I love seeing pictures of Bokeh!

  9. Lydia reply

    Haha, I thought the same thing about Jessica Claire’s review because mine was set to arrive the next day! I took it for a real test run yesterday and absolutely love it! The ISO capabilities are amazing, and the focusing is beyond what I could have dreamed of with the Mark II! Enjoy your new baby!

  10. Nancy Mitchell reply

    Now this makes me want to upgrade! Please Lord….send me some more clients:)

  11. Brian Goulet reply

    I was a little nervous getting mine in too, I preordered the morning of the release back on March 2nd! I kind of went all in on it, with only a month in on a Canon T2i. I am a recent convert over from Nikon (which my sister-in-law Rebekah Hoyt won’t let me live down), and I must say that the 5D3 is impressing me very much. Mostly I do product photography so I’ll be testing the camera out on more of the macro end of its capabilities…but if you think having a puppy is a challenging shoot, just try a 3 month old and two year old! We need to take about 50 shots of our family to get one with all 4 sets of eyes open and no blurry limbs! ;)

  12. Rebekah reply

    Yay! I remember talking to you about this camera MONTHS ago! I’m so excited!! Bokeh seems to love the new camera too!

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