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nervous to write this post because I don’t want it to be taken the wrong way.  There are bad connotations that go along with the phrase “Going with the Flow”. As business owners, we are supposed to be UNIQUE and strive for new ideas that make us stand out and attract attention. However, I think there are a few areas where we have to pay attention to trends and adjust to them in order to stay relevant. Naturally…. this post is heading in a “Re-Branding” direction! This idea started one day while Michael and I were driving down Broad Street, heading to the Scion dealership to pick up the Toaster from it’s regular checkup…

(The Toaster is our car BTW… just wanted to clarify that we don’t send our toaster oven to get regular checkups). I was riding in the passenger seat and I noticed our local McDonalds was being renovated. The exterior had been stripped off and new slate-like stone was replacing the old yellowed siding. The drive-thru was being doubled and there was a large yellow “swoop” attached to the front of the building. The crazy thing was that even in the midst of renovation, the parking lot was still packed. So if this McDonalds wasn’t losing BUSINESS because their “look” was outdated… why change? Why spend all of that money to renovate when they were doing just fine without the new light fixtures and modern seating?


Well, I think we can learn a lot from this. As a small business owner I struggle with this question…. when is it time to UPDATE?! My “Look” is maintained mostly through my web presence and my blog is the heartbeat of my business. Even though it’s doing well and is continually reaching new followers….it can’t stay like it is forever. Some would say “But Katelyn it’s not OUT of DATE”…. and they’re right. It’s not! It’s a great blog with cute features and I’ve LOVED it for two years! However, I also know that I have to stay relevant. It would be SO easy to sit back and keep my same “look” for 5-8 years…. and that would save a lot of time AND money…. but I don’t think that’s smart. I’m in the midst of a blog re-do both for cosmetic changes AND backend upgrades.  It’s a long process that is a little pricey and tedious but it’s worth it. In a month or so, I’ll have a new blog with new coding and faster processing and a great new “look”! It’s not a drastic change you guys… don’t freak out, I’m not switching my branding to PURPLE! …. I’m just tweaking a few things to keep it fresh and I’m excited about it!  Sometimes it’s important to step it up a notch, even if you can survive without the changes. So just like Mickie D’s… my online presence is getting a facelift!!! Here’s a tiny little peak of what’s to come….

Thanks to my friends at Flosites who are working so hard to make this new project perfect!! 


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  1. Kristin reply

    I love it and I think you are headed in the perfect direction. It still looks like “you”, just an updated version of you! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Kristina W. reply

    I’m excited about the “Meet Bokeh” part! :)

  3. Brea reply

    I love that there’s a new Meet Bokeh Section!!

  4. Tiffany Farley reply

    Oooh can’t wait to see! :)

  5. Brittany Kuhn reply

    SO true but then again isn’t it so fun, when you get past the little setbacks, to change things up. I mean we all love making little changes to our homes, some not as drastic as others but none the less we like to change things up every now and then. Aside from whatever your price tag is on updating your blog it most likely is cheaper than doing a total home renovation and is fun at the same time! I am excited for the change (:

  6. Jamie reply

    Katelyn- I love hearing this. I am in the middle of my first ever branding and the cost can be a little nerve wracking. I know it will be worth it though. I love that you are keeping things fresh and new. A brand/webstie is SO powerful- that is part of the reason why I was attracted to your business and work. It seems to be one of those invisible pullers that people sometimes arent aware of- but can make a huge difference! THanks for sharing. :)

  7. Meredith reply

    Yay!!! Exciting stuff! The weird thing is, I was totally thinking earlier about how I needed to check your blog and as creepy as this is, I was wondering what you’d blog about. First thing I thought of was rebranding. Craziiiiiness.

  8. Bethany Cox reply

    I cant wait to click in “Meet Bokeh” with Hatties paw.

  9. Kathryn Grace reply

    I love your blog as it is, but am I allowed to say that I LOOOOVE the sneak peek of the update?!?! Just enough similarity that people aren’t going to think they came to the wrong site but very fresh and clean and new… love it! Can’t wait to see it live!

  10. ashley link reply

    oooohhhh yay! i can’t wait to see it! i can’t wait until my branding process starts in february!!! :) eeeekkkkkkk!!! yours is gonna look awesome!

  11. Sarah Syhakhoun reply

    Hi Katelyn! :) I love this post! You are able to compare a facelift of a fast food company to your blog, but the comparison is dead-on. Sure, McDonald’s gets business still even when it looks old, but the experience isn’t as good when it looks old. You are all about the experience, so routinely updating (even just for speed or ease of use) is a great idea. I’m loving the new background (it’s a very similar pattern to my own, so of course I love it)! I am in need of some branding but am still in the saving up point right now. I can’t wait for when that day comes. I’m looking forward to your updates!

  12. Mallory reply

    I’m so excited!!! LOVE that you’re going to have a “Meet Bokeh” page!! :) :)

  13. Jessica reply

    My plan for this holiday season is to rebrand – or rather to really finesse what my brand actually is. I look forward to seeing your new look!

  14. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    love this!!!!! i’m totally freaking out.. katelyn now loves purple?!?! LOL xoxo =)

  15. Caroline reply

    I love your current look, but I’m really excited for your new makeover! For some reason this post sort of reminds me of a quote from Steve Jobs, “It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” In the past we never thought twice about McDonalds branding/store appearance, but suddenly with their new image, McDonalds seem a little more.. dare I say.. upscale. And I bet that’s happening in tons of people’s minds subconsciously.. you know?

  16. Sarah G reply

    I hear ya! I am in the middle (hopefully closer to completion) of a total rebrand and for me it’s terrifyingly overwhelming & exciting & much needed, all rolled into one.

  17. Laura Gordon reply

    I’m so excited to see your update! I know it will be so beautiful :)

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