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Alice in wonderland anyone? I haven’t seen the movie but after seeing this setup that was inspired from the movie, I was thinking about going to see it.  How funky is this?! This Mad Hatter themed shoot was a part of the stylized shoot that I was a part of ALL the way back in APRIL! Does that tell you anything about how busy I’ve been? I haven’t posted something from APRIL! Wow.

This part of the shoot was so much fun because it was so weird! I never do high-fashion shoots and so this was something totally new for me and I loved it! Now I’m not sure if I’ll put these on the website, they might scare some people away! However, they were some of my favorites from the whole afternoon! Enjoy!

ps. I HIGHLY recommend being a part of a stylized shoot if you are a beginning photographer. What better opportunity will you have to get great portfolio shots and practice with other photographers?! Thanks Andi Grant for setting this up!

Thank you FABULOUS Vendors!

Set and model styling by Lindsey Hocker of simply perfect events.

Flowers and linens by Claire Martin of Bella flora.

Cupcakes by Emily De Long of gourmet bake shoppe.

Makeup and hair for mad hatter and Amanda (bride with groom) by Kimberly Adams

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  1. Brittany reply

    The colors are intense!! I love it!

  2. Susan reply

    Wow – that is pretty stinkin crazy but fun!
    I was actually wondering if you’d be willing to give a little advice. I use a 70-200mm F2.8 and a 50mm F1.4 (love me that lense!) and I need to add a wide angle lense to my equipment family. Wondering what you might recommend. I keep wondering if I should go with a zoom OR a fixed lense. So many options and so little money! he he

  3. admin reply

    @susan I LOVEEEE my 24 1.4 as my wide angle but I know it’s a big pricy. I love fixed lenses and if you love what you get from your 50, I would recommend sticking with fixed lenses. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! ;)

  4. Sarah Danaher reply

    So. Incredibly. Cool!!

  5. Lora Ayers reply

    These are amazing, the colors are so vibrant. What a fun shoot!

  6. Korie reply

    These are fantastic!! I especially love the horizontal one of her holding the watch :)

  7. Laura reply

    LOVE!!!! it looks like soooo much fun. I’ve really been wanting to do a stylized shoot. How do you go about finding them? I’m having the hardest time finding photography networks and stuff in my area, and all of the photographers that I have found are kinda boring. Oh and I love her necklace. I have a bunch of pins that look like that. It’d be fun to figure out a way to put them all together to make a necklace.

  8. sharon reply

    HOLY PHOTOGRAPHER!!! I lovelovelove the up-close shot of her!!! These are soo good Katelyn! Is August here yet?!!?!? =)

  9. Cait reply

    Katelyn these are gorgeous – love the theme. just a little “mad” and i love it. :)

  10. Sarah reply

    especially love the close-up one with her looking through the veil. too cool!

  11. Alicia V reply

    I really like this! Love her hair and make up. And can we just recognize how awesome her necklace is?! The concept is so different and funky, it’s great. I especially like the shots with the pocket watch.

  12. katie g reply

    this is fantastic!!!!!!

  13. Stephen LaBelle reply

    Woah I thought that was Britney for a second…

  14. Ashley Daniell reply

    OMG, I love EVERYTHING about this. What a genius idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE. You are amazing Katelyn!

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