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moving right along with the new house! The walls are drywalled and spackled, the shake siding is on and all of the windows are in! It’s just insane to watch this take form. We came back from our CA trip two weeks ago and it was like it was a totally different house! We’ve had several bumps along the road but they have been corrected and we’re getting so excited to see all of our interior selections start to come in! We picked a dark wood floor for the downstairs. It isn’t a traditional hard wood, it’s hand scraped with random width and we love it! The trim and the molding will be white and the downstairs is pretty wide open. So naturally, I have a painting dilemma.

When all of the rooms flow into one another, you have to have a very consistent color scheme.  Besides a few accent walls, I really need to stick to one neutral color for the walls I want to keep things consistent! So I’ve chosen GRAY! The foyer, family room, morning room, kitchen, stairwell and loft will all be the same shade of gray but oh man is it hard to find what I want! I really don’t even know what I want! Do I want it to have a yellow base or a blue base? GAH! So many options!! So I’m taking this dilemma to you blog readers! If you have a shade of gray in your own home and you LOVE it… PLEASE SHARE!! I’ll love you forever!! Here are a few of my many home pins that I’m using for inspiration! What do you think?!

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  1. Erin Schrad reply

    I’ve been helping my mom with her whole house reno, and her downstairs has several vaulted rooms that all run together. We selected Gateway Gray from Sherwin Williams and it looks great. It’s dark enough to make all the white trim work pop, but not too dark. It’s a really interesting gray that almost seems to change color depending on the light. It can look gray, taupe or sage! It’s a color that we felt would go well with her existing furniture, which includes a cranberry red leather sofa in the family room and an emerald green sofa in the living room! She needed a warm gray to go with the rest of her house and furniture., and it works well. The painter thought it was great! I’ll send you pics.

  2. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Our bedroom is a darker gray and we LOVE it! It’s probably the room we get the most compliments on because it’s so COZY, which was our goal! I wanted it to be a place that felt safe and warm. There are pictures of it here:

  3. Johane reply

    Hi, we used Revere Pewter HC-172) from benjamin moore in many rooms. Great color. Cheers, Johane

  4. molly stillman reply

    our master bedroom is a lighter gray with a dark gray accent wall – i’ll see if i can find the actual paint names and let you know! we love it!

  5. Lindsey reply

    I used two shades of grey throughout most of my last apartment, and I can offer two tips: first, go lighter than you think you need. Greys seem to soak up a lot of light, so if you’re not careful, your rooms can get very dark. My other tip is to spend a lot of time comparing greys to find the shade you like. As I’m sure you know, they’re a mix of so many different colors that you’ll likely see an undertone you didn’t expect. Our grey looked purple at first! Pick your base color (from accents you’ll use around the room) and go from there.

  6. Amanda Roth reply

    Get a shade lighter than you think you want! We are in the middle of an office remodel and we just picked our paint color… called frappe and it is a light gray. Probably about the color of the bottom left room in your picture collage. I walked around the store with darker shade samples in my hands forever before deciding on a shade I like, but in a lighter/softer version. It always looks darker on the wall. I promise you.

  7. Sara Benghauser reply

    We have used a number of different grays in our house. Our bedroom is Benjamin Moore “Rock Gray” and it is my favorite. It is more of a pure gray, so not too tan or too blue.

  8. Nikki Santerre reply

    The gray we chose is a medium shade made by Behr and is called “Elephant Skin.” We love it! It matches the furniture, decor, and is easily coordinated with new pieces.

  9. Bethany reply

    We used LIght French Grey from Sherwin Williams for the majority of our house and I couldn’t be happier with it! I feel like it’s so even, it’s tone doesn’t sway one way or another!

  10. jamie reply

    this is gorgeous! I love the gray tones, so peaceful. I will be repainting in a few short months here and i hadnt even thought of gray. can’t wait to see what your finished product!

  11. Ashlyn reply

    I would suggest that you pick a few favorites, order a few small cans, and paint a little section in each room… Because it will look different in each room. We recently painted our bathroom and put little paint chips up under the bright spots and in areas that get more light…. And it still didn’t seem like the same color when it was all finished, though its still really pretty! :) I literally can’t wait to see your decorating skills come to life on this here blog :)

  12. Erin reply

    Ahhh! I’m in the EXACT same predicament! We’re about to start building our house and our floorplan is very open as well. My current home’s living room is a dark shade of grey and I really like it. But I think that for my new house, I will choose a lighter shade. I love the “light, open, and airy” look, so I vote light grey! :)

  13. Abby reply

    We just painted out living room “Vintage Gray” by Valspar- I LURVE it.

  14. Kathryn Grace reply

    LOVE that first kitchen picture. :-) I love gray – I just recently painted my room light gray. I think it was Harbor Gray by Benjamin Moore, except we had the guy at Ace match the color using Ace paint so we saved a lot of money by not actually getting Benjamin Moore brand. Looking forward to see your house finished! You’re so good at decorating!

  15. ali W reply

    I painted my office BM Stonington Grey. It’s a little lighter than what you’ve pinned but it is BEAUTIFUL. Come over and take a look any time.

  16. Onsite Minnesota reply

    How about neutral gray? We chose Behr Anonymous   780F-5 for our office.

  17. Jaimie Krause reply

    I’m renovating my entire house- It’s an open floor plan, and I have dark, wide plank, repurposed wood-looking floors. I chose Behr mineral for my paint color and I love it. I have also used Behr elephant skin and Behr pencil tip in other rooms, and it flows really well.

  18. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I’m not a huge fan of gray but these grays are beautiful! I wish I could help but nothing in our house is gray, so I can’t. :) Hope you find the right shade, though!!

  19. Ashley reply

    Revere Pewter is the best! Beautiful, perfect shade of gray!

  20. Melissa Coetzee reply

    I agree with Erin, make the gray dark enough so the white trim pops. Also, it’s amazing how different walls can look when they are either opposite a window or on the window side. They can look like totally different shades ! I think with light and shadow in the house you’re going to get a variety of shades no matter what, so I wouldn’t stress too much !

  21. Aimee reply

    Most of my house is painted gray, but unfortunately i have no idea which shades we selected. I have wood trim that has an orange hue so I went with grays that had brown in them rathen than blues. If you are going with lots of white trim, then you can’t go wrong. I like all of your pins. :)

  22. Cyndi VanHerpe reply

    My experience with color over the years can all be summed up with this one Phrase…IT depends! Your natural lighting, ceiling heights etc will largely affect how any given color ‘looks’ in your space. Colors I thought would be PERFECT in the store, just didn’t look nearly as beautiful in my own environment. I am a FIRM believer of trying colors out in large swaths before committing. It’s much better to waste a quart of paint that didn’t work than to have to RE-paint something you don’t like. Good luck! You have such great taste, I know it will come out beautifully!

  23. Jen Walsh reply

    I would pick something to compliment your flooring. Take that into account for sure. You may find that a cooler gray doesn’t match your floors. Being wood, the warmer tones might be a better direction. For example, if you had marble floors, you might lean more toward the cooler tones. :)

  24. Lauren winstead reply

    I’ve heard comfort gray by sherwin Williams is beautiful! Apparently, it changes from a greenish to bluish tint based on the light and time of day, and it always looks lovely in pictures. Good luck choosing!!

  25. Blythe K reply

    My mom and i repainted the laundry room while my dad was deployed (a little mother-daughter project) and we used Dolphin fin (i think it’s beyer from home depot) I think it’s a bit more blue base but it’s great. i love a bluer gray (but not too blue haha ) BEAUTIFUL choices katelyn! can’t wait to see what the finished place looks like! :)

  26. Jennifer Krieg reply

    My girlfriend just did a couple rooms in her home in Light French Gray by Sherman Williams. It looks fantastic! You always make beautiful interior choices & this one will not be any different. So excited to see what you guys choose!!!!

  27. Emily reply

    Go for a blueish dove gray. That way you have more options for decorating. Also, make it really light to keep your walls balanced with the dark floors and so the white trim doesn’t look too harsh against it. (:

  28. Jess White reply

    We chose Benjamin Moor “Revere Pewter” and absolutely LOVE it! Love hearing about your exciting progress!

  29. Laura reply

    Benjamin Moore Pewter! Best grey/gray in the world!!
    xoxo from Canada, hehe

  30. Amanda Young | Swoon Over It reply

    We have “Woodlawn Colonial Gray” in our house AND in my office and I love it in both places and – miraculously – haven’t grown tired of it yet. ;) It’s a valspar (lowes) paint, which I don’t necessarily recommend (Ben Moore is so much better), but you might be able to do a color match or something. I seriously can’t recommend this gray highly enough. Also…. you may want to grab some swatches and hang them around your rooms before you make any decisions (a la “Young House Love” style) as different rooms have different light and the gray may look completely different from one to the next. Good luck! Have fun!

  31. rosie reply

    So neat! Our photography studio is actually the similar shade to your colour on the second row, first swatch. I love it! The gray lets you add splashes of colour (or bling) with white accents, it looks great. :)

  32. Liz Marie reply

    I’m obsessed with gray! The gray we have in our open concept home {from the entry, living, dining, and kitchen area is Woodsmoke by Glidden. I’m obsessed with it! You can see photos of the color in our home through out my entire blog for reference. Hope this helps!
    Liz Marie

  33. Jennifer r. reply

    We are in the process of having our house painted right now! We are going with Ben moore’s revere pewter throughout. Also using Ben moore’s wickham gray and boothbay gray in some rooms. Love them all! Good luck!

  34. Jackie Gannon reply

    LOVE grey walls. I’ll send you some photos of our house tomorrow when I can get some lovely natural light in ;) There are too many shades of grey and they never look like the little chip you think once your big wall is covered top to bottom haha. It is the same but different when it’s all done. We went with Valspar’s Urban Sunrise. We have hickory floors and white trim. just love it ;)

  35. Ashley Cochrane reply

    I’m obsessed with gray. I painted our bedroom last summer. The bottom part of the room is white under the chair rail (ehem.. the chair rail that still hasn’t been hung…) above the “chair rail” aka, unpainted stripe of wall, is a beautiful medium gray with a redish undertone (It is called London Coach, made by valspar). Then the tray in the ceiling I painted “black raisin” by Valspar :) Colors look totally different on valspars online gallery but they are really striking & relaxing at the same time :)

  36. Elizabeth Anderson reply

    Hey there! I am a new fan of yours. Just discovered you a couple of weeks ago. I am a photographer/designer in RVA. First of all i’d like to say that I love your work and love your choice in design!

    I recently have started painting and changing the taupe color pallete in my home to grays. I highly recommend going to a paint store and getting every single “gray” paint sample and bring them home. You have to look at the colors in the light of the room to be painted. (I’m sure you already knew that.)

    I also highly recommend choosing a very neutral gray. Do this by holding them together and elimiting the ones that have a colored tint to them (for example, blue, green, etc.) I have used many grays before and have noticed that if you can get the gray as neutral as possible, it will coordinate with other colors much better. For example, I once painted a small bathroom with no natural light a gray color that ended up looking bluish-gray. I had intended to have the room gray with moss green accents and it just looked awful together. I can picture this same thing happening with the mustard yellow accents you have shown at the top of the blog. The more neutral gray will also allow you to change accent colors very easily whenever you’d like.

    Furthermore, keep in mind that the paint sample you choose will always look much darker on the walls than it looks on the sample card. I recently painted my living room and was going for a fairly light shade of gray. I chose a very light paint sample (much lighter than I wanted) and it still turned out darker than I had planned! I do love it, so I really didn’t care.

    Because you’re painting such a large area of your home, I would recommend purchasing a small can of the color you choose and painting it on a wall to test it out. Maybe even put some paint on one of the most well-lit walls of the house and also one of the walls in a darker area. Wait a couple of days and check out the colors on the walls at different times during the day (under different lighting) also, bring fabrics, pillows etc. that you’re thinking of using in the space, to see how well they coordinate with the paint on the walls. This all may sound like a lot of work, but painting that large of a space all one color is a huge commitment and would be too much work to have to re-do if you ended up hating the color.

    Good Luck! I’m sure with your taste in design you will have no problem finding the right color!

  37. Lydia reply

    Try visiting a Pottery Barn and seeing if any of the walls of painted in a gray you like. They can give you the exact shade # to get yourself!

  38. Ashley Jock reply

    I just went through the same thing. It took me forever to pick a gray for our house. I settle on one called vintage gray. I went for a cool base.

  39. Angela Snyder reply

    I have a few grey rooms myself, and the only advice I have is to pick a warm grey..because it does make the room feel warmer (I know that sounds dumb, but true) Also, BE CAREFUL with the dark floors. I got dark bamboo floors in my house and they ALWAYS show every bit of dust!!! So if you have a chance, pick a medium shade..or get lots of rugs or have a swiffer in every room! That’s what I do :) Good luck!

  40. Caroline reply

    the dark wood with the dark gray looks awesome! especially if you’re able to have big chunks of white to brighten it up :) what do you want to put on the walls? type/color of decorations? Furniture? all those things play a part too…as you know :)

  41. Kate reply

    Ahh grey! I painted my living room and Hallway with Benjamin Moore Sidewalk grey. Love it! I also painted one of the bathrooms Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter – love that one as well!

  42. Brittany Claridge reply

    Ahhh!!! First your house looks gorgeous :) We love watching it come together for you and Michael! Second, we painted our apartment grey with a few accent walls (yellow, slate/blue, Etc) and we love it! Great choice! I’ll have to look at our paint colors when I get home and let you know when I get home. Congrats again!!!

  43. Alicia White reply

    First of all, can I say a huge thank you for choosing greys? My husband keeps making fun of the fact that our house is “100 shades of grey’ haha! My dining area is a blue-grey and my living room/upstairs is more of a tan/gray (its BM Revere Pewter) and is really beautiful! I will say I love revere pewter in rooms that get a good amount of light. It turns more elephant gray at night and more tan/gray during the day – which is a lot of what you pinned! Check it out! It won for BM most popular colors of last year! Good luck!!!!

  44. Alicia White reply

    P.S. – everyone that has been over our new house says immediately “it’s so cozy and inviting” – which I def think the grey brings! I would recommend bm colors as we have some from lowes and it was a lot thinner and needed more coats (which was frustrating!) You can tell how quality bm paints are when you are applying them! good luck and if you need any more suggestions please let me know, i have a collection of samples and notebooks of different grey’s! haha!

  45. kristine reply

    even though i’ve never really thought of using gray as a primary colour for a house, i have to agree i love the results in the above images. the great thing about gray is you can accent with ANY colour you want, so it really keeps your palette open. so have fun and experiment with what you like!

  46. Linda reply

    I recently bought Sherman Williams requisite gray and for kitchen evening shadowsš

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