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are still considering ourselves newlyweds. It hasn’t been two years yet…. so we’re still in that category right? It’s so funny…. when you’ve known someone your whole life and then dated them since you were 15… you think you know everything about one another… but that’s not true! We’re learning new stuff all the time and our most recent discovery is that we’re not 100% IN LOVE with staying at a Bed&Breakfast.  Weird right?! All of our friends LOVE B&B’s!! I mean, who doesn’t love a quaint little homy place to stay for the night? Now don’t get us wrong… it was awesome! The house was BEAUTIFUL, the meal was AMAZING

and our room was TEAL! The room even had its’ own little side porch for Bokeh! Yes, Bokeh went with us. Michael decided that this last minute trip should be a getaway for ALL of us and I’m so glad we took him. We love him. For a 4 month old puppy…. he’s an AMAZING little traveler. He did so well! But staying at a Bed and Breakfast with a puppy probably isn’t the BEST idea in the world. Michael and I realized that as cute and quaint as The Mark Addy Inn was…. we love hotels!!! haha We’re the kind of people that watch the travel channel and drool over resorts with spas and infiniti pools. We’re not “lets camp and spend a weekend in a tent”… we would drive each other crazy! …. but we do LOVE roadtrips! Is that weird?! We’re still figuring ourselves out! haha We really thought the Bed and Breakfast thing would be a new favorite! …. But it just isn’t us.  Maybe in 30 years it will be us. We’ll appreciate the silence and solitude when we’re older…. but right now, it seemed a little strange to be the only people in a huge, creaky house. It was a great experience and we’re so glad we went. We loved having one day to get away and spend time as a family. Yes, we refer to ourselves as a little family ever since Bokeh came into our lives. Seriously, I heard people talk about how much they love their dogs and how they are a part of the family but I never understood that feeling until we got Bokeh!! He was such a trooper on this trip! We drove an hour and a half, then he had to behave while we hung out at Kurt and Jodi’s and had dinner… then he had to be QUIET all night at the Inn and then the next day he played in the fields while we had a little photo shoot! His only downfall was when he unfortunately tried to eat Kurt and Jodi’s carpet…. oh gosh. So embarrassing. But we forgave him because he’s adorable and looks like a stuffed bear.


Anyway! We had a great getaway! I love the mountains, I love seeing friends and I love spending time with my husband. It was a beautiful weekend and I can’t wait to show you some images from our shoot! Those are coming soon!



We had an amazing breakfast!!
Shooting time! Love that instagram with Bokeh!
Last but not least, we ended with lunch in Crozet with Kurt and Jodi!! Yum!
And just because I’m SO flipping excited to have NEW pictures of US… here’s a sneak peek! Thanks Jodi & Kurt for your amazing hospitality AND for capturing beautiful images of the 3 of us:):) We love this one!!!

And Here’s a sneak peak of them! My job was EASY. Really easy!

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  1. Abby Grace reply

    How do you get so much volume in your hair?? Your hair looks amazing in that instagram with the teacup- PLEASE post a tutorial. I can never get my hair to do the little half-up bump/tease thing and I want to be able to do it so badly! (also, that photo of you and Michael is flippin adorable.)

  2. Nancy Mitchell reply

    Love how you two were HS sweethearts and still discovering things out that you never knew! Trust me that still continues today with my husband and I….we were HS sweethearts too:) Looks like your family enjoyed a great getaway!

  3. sarah danaher reply

    ohmygosh. Crozet Pizza!! I’ve been there, and I love their calzones SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! looks like a sweet little getaway.

  4. Christy reply

    Katelyn, We actually feel the same way about Bed & Breakfasts! We went on a mini-moon after our wedding and stayed up at a B&B in a little town in Wisconsin where we were married and it was just… too… quiet? Or something?! haha We felt weird being in a house with all these other people and having to be chatty/social at breakfast, when we just wanted some ‘us’ time. But it was good to learn that early on I suppose! Definitely going to a hotel with a pool & fitness room next time! ;-)

  5. Jodi reply

    Katelyn!! We love you guys and we are so blessed by your friendship!! Thanks for traveling out to us, we had such an amazing weekend with you guys. Oh and your B&B looks SUPER cute…we love B&Bs!! :)

  6. Shelley Hohe reply

    Between high school, college, dating and marriage I have been with my husband for over 21 years and we still love going on new adventures. We did the whole B & B thing as well and wasn’t excited. I am with you on this we LOVE hotels and all the great amenities that go along with them :) But the camping thing…I thought I would not like it since i am a girly girl but I actually had so much fun….I bet Bokeh would love it too ;)

  7. ali w reply

    so funny you don’t like B&B’s! I stayed in one for a wedding [because the town didn’t HAVE hotels] and it gave me a dream to open one! i’ll make sure and put you up in a hotel when you come down to decorate it for me :)

  8. Sydni reply

    I don’t have any desire to stay in a B&B…I like the idea of it, it sounds cute, but I want to stay in a new, clean room with a comfy bed that has a really good mattress! Know what I mean?

  9. sharon elizabeth reply

    I love when you post about your life, K!!!! =) I am also SO excited to see pictures of you and Michael!!!! =)

  10. Katie Nesbitt reply

    Bokeh is seriously the cutest dog ever!!! Also, we aren’t really bed and breakfast people either, though I wish we were! We love activities and going out and doing things! P.S…I LOVE the image of Jodi and Kurt and can’t wait to see more!!

  11. Molly reply

    AHHHH you came to Crozet again!!! That’s where I live…. I have to meet you the next time you stop by!!!! I read all your blog posts—not creepy just LOVE your pictures! And I went to high school with Jessica Lockwood Kompelien!

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